2023 amounts: RSA, AAH… how much will you receive this year?

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Faced with inflation, the 2023 amounts of the SMIC and several aids will increase to support the purchasing power of the French.

  2023 amounts: RSA, AAH… how much will you receive this year?

In recent months, most French people have faced severe financial difficulties . In question ? An energy crisis, but also rising prices in all sectors. Also, since the summer the government chains the bonuses and measures of all kinds to try to solve the problem. Salary, pensions, allowances… Several key amounts know an upgrade in 2023 . To help you understand what awaits you, the Foozine team offers you a small summary.

2023 amounts: the minimum wage rose in January

In France, workers can count on a minimum wage . Employers must therefore always offer remuneration above or equal to this threshold. However, according to the law, its level must always evolve in line with inflation . The Public Service site explains this framework well. » The amount of the Smic is automatically revalued on January 1 of each year based on two indicators: the inflation observed for the 20% of households with the lowest incomes and half of the gain in purchasing power of the average hourly wage of workers and employees. »

Thereby, the amount of the minimum wage increased by 1.8% in 2023 . But this is not his first development in recent months. Indeed, in January 2022, the minimum hourly rate was 10.57 euros. In May, it rose to 10.85 euros. Then, the hourly minimum wage rose again in August, to settle at 11.06 euros. However, inflation has not stopped raging in the meantime . Thus, during the traditional January revaluation, its 2023 amount, the evolution seemed inevitable. However, the government did not wish to make it evolve more than necessary . “This is a 1.81% increase that will not come with a government boost. » , according to the Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts.

Indeed, according to experts from the commission that manages the level of the SMIC , moderation should be exercised. Too strong a dynamic of the minimum wage could have negative effects on the employment of the most vulnerable workers. »

Thus, last January, the SMIC amounted to 1603.12 euros gross. From now on, its new amount since January 1, 2023 reached 1709.28 euros gross per month. We are therefore talking about an increase of more than 106 euros!

Clearly, here the new amounts of the SMIC in 2023 .

  • Smic net monthly: 1,353.07 euros
  • Gross monthly minimum wage: 1,709.28 euros
  • Smic net annual: 16,234.40 euros
  • Annual gross minimum wage: 20,511.36 euros
  • Smic hourly net : 8.92 euros
  • Gross hourly minimum wage: 11.27 euros

The disabled adult allowance will change

According to the DREES, 1.22 million people benefit from the AAH . This aid, paid by the CAF (or the MSA), allows those who suffer from a disability to benefit from a decent income. However, the government has announced that this allowance will see its amount increase in 2023.

Moreover, the eligibility criteria for this service will also encompass more people. The goal? Help people with deafblindness (deaf and blind), psychic, mental, cognitive or neurodevelopmental disorders.

The amount of the AAH should know an increase of 1.7% in 2023 . But it will only take effect from April. If this figure seems too low for inflation (5.9%), remember that it was already increased by 4% last July.

Amounts of CAF allocations in 2023

For support the French in the face of rising prices , the family allowance fund will review the amounts of several benefits from 2023. Housing allowances (APL) have already climbed 3.5% over the past summer. They should not progress for the moment. However, tenants will be able to benefit from the “rent shield” until the end of June.

That said, RSA and family allowances , they will see their amounts increase from April 2023. For the time being, the rate of this increase is not yet official. However, we are talking about a revaluation of 1.7% . Again, it is estimated that this increase should make it possible to compensate for inflation, which reached 5.9%. In effect, recipients have already benefited from an increase of +4% this summer.

The ceilings of the tax scale

In France, taxpayers must pay tax according to their means. Thus, there are ceilings, which delimit several tax brackets. However, the maximum amounts of income taken into account by this system increased in January 2023. “Your tax is calculated in brackets, based on the amount of your income. Each bracket corresponds to a tax rate (from 0 to 45%). If your annual income exceeds that of tranche 1 (€10,777), it will be affected by several successive tranches, as explained in the example. »

Thanks to this development, you can reduce the amounts of taxes due in 2023 . Here is the new scale, for a tax part:

  • Less than 10,777 euros (bracket 1): tax rate of 0%
  • From €10,778 to €27,478 (bracket 2): tax rate of 11%
  • From €27,479 to €78,570 (bracket 3): tax rate of 30%
  • From €78,571 to €168,994 (bracket 4): tax rate of 41%
  • More than 168,994 euros (bracket 5): tax rate of 45%

In addition, the tax administration will pay, as of Monday, a 60% advance on tax credits . 9 million households will therefore receive this payment, the amounts of which are around 624 euros in this month of January 2023.

Pension amounts in 2023

In the face of inflation, the government also wanted to help seniors . Also, several increases have already taken place in recent months. The amounts of pensions rose by 1.1% last January, then by 4% this summer, and finally by 0.8% in January 2023 . This increase owes nothing to chance. This time again, it is a question of catching up with the inflation which has weighed on the French in recent months.

That said, this change does not apply to all pensions . To benefit from it, you must be a member of the CNAV, CNRACL, SRE, CNAVPL, the pension by right, survivors' pensions, the ASI or the ASPA. The minimum amounts of full pensions should also reach 1,200 euros from September 2023. For the time being, the terms of this minimum pension are still under discussion as part of the reform. The senator Bruno Retailleau seems rather confident. “The issue of small pensions has been one of our red lines from the start. During her press conference, the Prime Minister had reassured us, but partially, by indicating that for a full career, the minimum pension would be 1200 euros, 85% of the net minimum wage. For those already retired, it was mentioned, but there was no insurance. »

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