26-Year-Old American Idol Alum Asks For Help To Pay For Unexpected Surgery As Her Brain Cancer Battle Continues

American Idol alum Avalon Young, who completed as a Top 8 entrant on the program’s last season on Fox in 2016, just recently exposed she is fighting brain cancer and should quickly go through a 2nd surgical treatment.

The vocalist took a seat with San Diego Fox News in February to reveal the stunning medical diagnosis, discussing that she at first felt “a bit detached, psychologically” when signs initially developed. She then experienced “an easy partial seizure as soon as every 3 hours for a couple of days” prior to getting an MRI. It was then physicians discovered a growth “as huge as a peach” in her frontal lobe. Wow …

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After a 16-hour surgical treatment to eliminate the growth, the artist now deals with a 2nd surgical treatment anticipated to occur on May 27, “followed by weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.”

The artist has actually established a GoFundMe page in hopes of getting $100,000 to go towards these medical costs offered she “has very little insurance coverage, is an independent artist, and self-supporting singer/songwriter.” The 26-year-old has actually presently raised simply over half of that objective. Wanting her well as she continues to combat this brain cancer!!

[Image via Avalon Young/Instagram & American Idol/YouTube]

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