4 Famous Bollywood bad guys as zodiac indications

Bollywood bad guys are a vital and ultimate part of every movie. They are the ones who bring adventure and action into any movie and are as crucial as the male and woman leads. .

. . . . Bollywood villains as zodiac signs .(* ) . 4 Famous Bollywood bad guys as zodiac indications Bollywood movies are certainly insufficient without a beautiful heroine and a macho hero. A similarly crucial element of Bollywood movies is the bad guy. Bollywood bad guys are an essential part of every movie and an important part of the story. From being amusing to downright weird, Bollywood bad guys never ever stop working to amuse us!

Some renowned Bollywood bad guys consist of Gabbar from Sholay, Ajit from Yaadon Ki Baarat and Mogambo from Mr India. We anticipated the zodiac indications of some such popular Bollywood bad guys according to their personality type.

So here are 4 such well-known Bollywood bad guys as zodiac indications.

Gabbar (Sholay)


It is obvious that Gabbar was controling and an ultimate leader of the pack. He understood how to keep individuals under his control and had adequate power and impact to terrify the whole town. His management abilities and controling character look like that of Aries-born individuals.

Mogambo (Mr India)


From his expensive throne and the blingy clothing to his sophisticated secret island and wacky props like the stick, the zodiac indication that this bad guy looks like the most needs to be Virgo. Similar to Virgos, he was a fan of whatever fancy and desired absolutely nothing however excellence in spite of being the bad person!

Kancha Cheena (Agneepath)


Kancha Cheena was the ultimate design icon who does not let the wicked personality damage his sense of design! He was suave, trendy and sophisticated much like a real Taurean. He was advanced and was certainly among the most stylish Bollywood bad guys of perpetuity!

Sir Juda (Karz)


Cancerians are amusing, amusing and amusing. They encounter as friendly however the minute you betray them, they will never ever forgive you. Sir Juda from Karz was likewise a humorous bad guy who was entertaining however would turn into the most challenging individual on the world, if and when you cross the line with him!

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