60 million consumers launch an alert on 37 shampoos and shower gels analyzed

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Sometimes products receive low ratings. Here are 37 shampoos and shower gels reviewed by 60 million consumers.

  60 million consumers launch an alert on 37 shampoos and shower gels analyzed

You may not know it, but specialists analyze the products we use daily. According to the quality of their ingredients, they rate them. As a result, many articles end up being removed from the shelves . For its part, the magazine 60 million consumers was interested in 37 shampoos and shower gels . Verdict: Some Ingredients are problematic !

The universe of “rinsed-out products”

Shampoos and shower gels are what we call “rinse-out products” . For good reason, this kind of product is not supposed to penetrate the skin. This is why, unlike food products, for example, some ingredients are more easily tolerated .

However, the sector is not unregulated . Controllers ensure that products on the market comply with health and environmental standards. Despite this, dubious brands exist here and there, as the offer is enormous .

All the more reason to learn to choose. In addition, recently, 60 million consumers published an analysis of around thirty “rinsed-in products” . Thus, the magazine's experts have selected 19 shampoos and 18 shower gels . Their objective ? Analyze the composition of the products.

In the lot, there were of course national brands (Tahiti, Aderma, Dop, Nivea, Nuxe, etc.), but also distributor brands (Carrefour, Lidl, Monoprix, etc.). Not to mention solid products and “Do it yourself” (DIY) kits.

The analysis of the composition will consist in calculating the CosmetoScore of each product. Or the equivalent of the NutriScore for food products. As a reminder, this method classifies products into 5 categories from A (maximum score) to E (minimum score) .

A solid product without preservatives?

Let us specify right away that all products for children do not have a CosmetoScore A . We are far from the mark, because the only certified “natural” product comes out with a CosmetoScore C. This mediocre score is due to a combination of irritating ingredients, sensitizers and a quaternary ammonium hazardous to the environment .

In first place on the podium, on trouve un shampooing en poudre . Its formula is composed of only 11 ingredients. The solid cosmetic does not contain water or preservatives. As the latter is often problematic, its absence boosted the CosmetoScore of this powder shampoo .

While in second place, on trouve un kit « Do it yourself » (or make it homemade in French). The kit in question makes it possible to make a shampoo, but without shampoo (no poo). not far behind, there is a conventional children's shampoo Low price.

On the other side of the ranking of 60 million consumers, there are 2 L’Oréal products (Elseve and Garnier) that are very open to criticism . Silicones, dyes, quaternary ammoniums… their formula is filled with ingredients that pose a risk to the environment and health. In particular benzyl salicylate which is an endocrine disruptor .

Additionally, the products are rich in preservatives , polluting “conditioners” and surfactants. If these names mean anything to you, know that seeing them on a shampoo means nothing worthwhile. Pollution and irritation almost guaranteed! You can go your way .

A disaster for shower gels

Whether shower gels or shampoo, the problematic ingredients are almost the same . Here are a few :

  • Allergens
  • Polluting or irritating surfactants
  • Polymers
  • Azo dyes
  • Conservatives
  • endocrine disruptors
  • Etc.

Imagine that the products worst rated by 60 million consumers have many in their formula. Indeed, 10 out of 18 shower gels received a score of C, D or E. Which is just catastrophic !

“DIY” kits stood out

The surprise of this analysis of 60 million consumers is undoubtedly the 'DIY' kits . 2 out of 4 have for example less perfumes, allergens or dyes than shower gels. However, they contain still some unwanted irritants and dyes .

That said, it is still interesting to put these data into perspective. Indeed, these last do not necessarily prejudge the content of these kits . Quite simply, because the labeling may not be as rigorous as for conventional cosmetics.

In short, at the head of this ranking of 60 million consumers on shower gels, we find “natural” and “organic” marketed products (without certification). On the other hand, it is a Nivea product that stands in second position.

As for the worst shower gels, we find in last place a product for men (coincidentally!). Presumably, men don't seem to be the target for this kind of product. It's funny, but neither are children. In particular a product from the children's brand Tahiti Kids .

Source : 60millions-mag

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