60 million consumers warn about these chocolate powders that are bad for your health

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In a recent survey, 60 million consumers revealed the worst chocolate powders for their health.

  60 million consumers warn about these chocolate powders that are bad for your health

A morning ritual: hot chocolate. Who doesn't like a little chocolate powder to start their day off right or to warm up after a hard day outside? However, it must be said that we do not often pay attention to the ingredients present in these drinks. Obviously, there is no denying the presence of sugar . Despite this, hot chocolate is part of the eating habits of many French men and women. Recently, the association 60 million consumers carried out a survey on the different powdered chocolates on the market. Indeed, according to this survey, some chocolate powders are dangerous to health due to their composition. They then cited the two worst brands of hot chocolate for consumption. The association 60 million consumers advises not to drink them. We'll explaine everything here !

60 million consumers: a health study

The association 60 million consumers regularly seeks to carry out transparency procedures with their customers. The recent study showed the dangers in the consumption of certain powdered chocolates. They then tested about fifteen brands of chocolate powder. And this, with the aim of determining which ones have the most health benefits and which ones to avoid. This approach to transparency on the part of 60 million consumers has led to a rather astonishing discovery . Among the ingredients, some brands showed a sugar content that was far too high. However, this study demonstrated many other dangerous presences as well. We tell you everything!

Published in the magazine of 60 million consumers, the survey wanted to support high sugar content of certain brands of powdered chocolates. It should be noted that although the presence of sugar is usual, too high a sugar level can very quickly become dangerous . « Thus, a 200 ml bowl provides an average of 20 g of sugars: this represents 40% of the recommended intake! “, underlined the authors of the magazine of 60 million consumers. This survey then makes it possible to highlight the dangers of some of the favorite hot drinks of the French. This sugar content can very quickly become dangerous and excessive. It is therefore necessary to know the risks, but above all the best and worst brands on the French market. Fortunately, 60 million consumers have alerted his readers to this.

The two worst chocolate powder brands for your health

It should be noted that, according to the study carried out by 60 million consumers, the sugar content is not the only suspicious content. Indeed, the magazine also mentioned the fiber content. According to 60 million consumers, this content is far too disappointing in the majority of powdered chocolates. It should be noted that the less they contain cocoa, the less they are rich in fiber. Of course, the magazine did not only report disappointing rates. It must be said that there were also positive points in all this. Indeed, 60 million consumers wanted to welcome the absence of additives in all brands of hot chocolate. Or almost all… Unfortunately, some brands sold on the French market contain additives.

The magazine 60 million consumers therefore published a ranking of the best and therefore worst powdered chocolates found in French stores. Two brands were mentioned in particular. chocolate powder ovaltine comes last. And this, due to its sugar content and the high rate of additives. Then, Cankao sans aspartame by Canderel . This chocolate powder is also low in the ranking. And this, due to the presence of three synthetic sweeteners in its composition. According to magazine 60 million consumers, if you want to drink your hot chocolate in the morning when you wake up, think about choosing the right brand .

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