A Bodybuilder Tried Jacked Chef Andre Rush’s 2,222-Pushup Workout

Bodybuilder and physical fitness YouTuber Will Tennyson routinely recreates the diet plan strategies, exercise regimens and everyday schedules of notoriously in shape celebs and professional athletes, from star Mark Wahlberg to Navy SEAL David Goggins. In his latest video, Tennyson invests a day living like Andre Rush, the previous White House chef and Army Sergeant who is understood for his bulging, 24-inch arms, which he keeps by doing 2,222 pushups each and every single day, and consuming in between 6,000 and 10,000 calories.

Oh, and he does all that on simply 3 hours of sleep. “I do not understand how this guy functions,” states Tennyson.

The difficulty starts with a 3 a.m. wake-up and meditation. Rush would typically crank out his 2,222 pushup representatives, which he carries out as a method of both raising and honoring awareness for the on-average 22 military workers who dedicate suicide every day.

” He would do all these in 75 minutes,” states Tennyson. “I understand for a truth I can refrain from doing all these in 75 minutes, so I’m going to provide myself the whole day.” He breaks the representatives down into portions, in an effort to rate himself and make the target less difficult and more possible. He handles to finish simply over half of his representatives by 4:30 a.m., carrying out 75 minute-long sets of 15, amounting to 1,125.

For the diet plan part of the difficulty, Will adheres to a macro breakdown of 1,200 grams of protein, 400 grams of carbohydrates, and 177 grams of fat, taken in by means of 4 substantial meals throughout the day. Breakfast includes a massive, 1,000-gram egg white omelet with coffee and a 1,600-calorie protein shake. “This is really the most calories of the day in one sitting,” states Tennyson, prior to requiring everything down.

The 2nd meal is 17 and a half ounces of seared chicken breast, and a yogurt berry bowl made with additional home cheese, protein powder, and a chopped-up protein bar– or as Tennyson puts it, anabolic cement. “This one’s a bit more challenging than the last one,” he states. “I do not believe I’m going to have the ability to consume for a long time.”

Then it’s time to handle Rush’s arm day exercise, that includes seated dumbbell curls, rope curls, barbell curls, slope curls, and hammer curls. “I currently seem like I’m going to toss up,” he states. “I’m extremely exhausted, and I believe the truth I’ve consumed a great deal of protein, which is tough to break down in the body, is making me a lot more exhausted today.” In order to keep going towards his everyday pushup overall, Tennyson superset each workout with an extra 25 pushup representatives throughout the training session.

The 3rd meal of the day consists of 10 ounces of shrimp with chickpea pasta, and a burrito bowl. Not long after, it’s time for the last and 4th meal: a whole rotisserie chicken, a load more egg whites, and another substantial protein shake. After that, Tennyson produces his last piece of pushups, reaching 2,222 representatives at 7:31 p.m.

Recapping his experience, Tennyson thinks there is a “point of lessening returns” in carrying out actually countless pushup representatives every day, although he acknowledges that Rush does it for factors that are essential to him beyond structure muscle. “The 3 hours of sleep was the hardest part of the day,” he includes. “It absolutely impacted my state of mind, my capability to believe and really do any sort of work and be efficient, and specifically when I exercised, I had no inspiration.”

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