A couple loses 50,000 euros in a scam and launches an SOS on the networks

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Criminals recently scammed a couple out of 50,000 euros. They managed to have the amount of their personal contribution transferred to a fraudulent account.

  A couple loses 50,000 euros in a scam and launches an SOS on the networks

The different types of scams continue to grow in France. Whether it's the vital card scam, the TPE scam or the bank card scam. However, these three scams do not cover all the scams that are found on French territory. Unfortunately, every year the number of victims of scams continues to grow as well . It is therefore necessary to know the different methods that exist. And this, in order to know how to avoid them. A new scam recently left a couple in a lot of financial trouble. According to their testimonies, criminals pose as bank advisers . By doing this, they gain the trust of their victims. And this, before having the amount of the personal contribution of the victims transferred to their fraudulent account. We'll explaine everything here !

A scam on fake mortgages

The testimony of a recent couple alerts the French to a scam that appears on the territory. Be aware that if you have an imminent real estate project, you may be on their radars, the next victims. Indeed, it turns out that a new scam targets future owners. Banks and authorities have spotted this scam in recent weeks. And this, as pointed out by our colleagues from Parisian. The method used for this scam does not differ too much from the scams that already exist. Indeed, the criminals pretend to be bank advisers. By doing this, they gain their trust and contact them soon after to offer a mortgage. As you will understand this mortgage does not really exist.

The technique of the criminals is simple and their goal is even more so. In effect, they mainly seek to recover the personal contribution of real estate buyers. They call potential victims pretending to be bank advisers. A French couple recently testified on their Instagram account. According to them, they suffered greatly from this scam. The criminals therefore have managed to steal 50,000 euros from them. And all in just a few phone calls. French people should therefore be reminded that the personal contribution paid during a real estate transaction must always be transferred directly. to the notary in charge of the file.

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Succeed in compensating the couple

This testimony from the couple explains exactly how the criminals managed to steal 50,000 euros in just a few phone calls. It looks like the scammer has took the initiative of posing as a Boursorama bank adviser. Once the couple had confidence, he began to make offers of credit to them. So the man accepted the offer and started sending the necessary documents. And this, including his RIB, his payslips and his identity papers. The “adviser” therefore made the couple believe that with his documents, he was going to set up a mortgage. He then asked them to transfer their personal contribution to the Boursorama bank account. Something they unfortunately did.

Generally, this money must be sent to the notary . However, the fake bank adviser obviously did not explain this situation to them and they fell into the trap. Since then, this money, 50,000 euros, has disappeared. The couple therefore filed a complaint, without any real hope of seeing their money again. It turns out that the marketing director of Boursorama mentioned that a fundraiser had been launched. And this, in order to try to recover the sum for the couple . Our colleagues from Parisian explained this after having discussed with this director of Boursorama. This bank nevertheless indicated that this type of scam “ limited to a few cases on French territory. The other banks are starting to ask their customers to be careful too . And this, such as Crédit Mutuel. According to our colleagues at Capital, banks warn their customers.

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