A stay-at-home mom should get that amount if she was paid, it's crazy!

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For many people, the life of a stay-at-home mother is not professional... However, this activity has a cost.

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In the last century, many women led lived a life as a stay-at-home mom . In recent years, the mentalities however, have changed a lot. More and more couples need two salaries to feed their family . The education of children, the maintenance of a house… All these mother-at-home tasks seem very natural. But if it were necessary to quantify these activities, it could well represent a big salary .

The role of stay-at-home mother, often underestimated

For decades, men have left domestic work to their wives . In the house, women were responsible for cooking and cleaning. In addition, being a stay-at-home mom also involves taking care of children.

Over generations, some patterns become less common. Thus, we have sometimes seen fathers, staying at home, with children . But in some speeches, becoming a stay-at-home mother remains a role devalued.

However, take care of a family is nothing like a hideout. between homework help, meals or medical appointments , life is not relaxing.

All these missions carried out by a stay-at-home mother typical require skill. They also take time and require l’organisation . Indeed, while employees earn an income , and go on vacation. But she is not so lucky.

Thus, we say that the work of a stay-at-home mom is priceless . But it must remain available every day, at any time. When the baby does not sleep through the night or when you have to go to the emergency room. She still has to respond.

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According to a calculation realized by SoonPro , people who stay at home deserve better. This company estimate reveals that the salary of a stay-at-home mom should be more than 6,000 euros per month .

How to calculate the salary associated with domestic work?

To get this number, SoonPro is based on different data . Specializing in connecting customers and professionals, this company has identified the different 'jobs' of a stay-at-home mom .

So she designed a formula by integrating the hourly wages of several professions . We thus find jobs such as 'Housekeeper' at 15 euros / h or 'Private course speaker'. But certain functions performed by a stay-at-home mother are worth much more.

Also, depending on the needs of the family, it can also serve as a chauffeur (180 euros per day) or personal shopper (225 euros per day). Taking all these factors into account, the number is rising very quickly !

Therefore, the salary of a stay-at-home mother would rise to 5 times the minimum wage . i.e. 6,400 euros! This figure may seem astronomical. But it also allows to honor those who devote themselves to their families . By making this calculation, ProntoPro wanted to value people who take care of their loved ones. In effect, no stay-at-home mom counts her hours . And in many cases, replacing it could be very expensive. Hopefully this estimate will know improve the image of stay-at-home parents . Because too often, this choice of life passes for laziness.

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