AAH: deconjugalization is scheduled for October 2023, what changes?

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The AAH will change calculation mode. It will no longer consider the income of the spouse, but that of the direct beneficiary. The details.

  AAH: deconjugalization is scheduled for October 2023, what changes?

Soon, the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) will have a new calculation mode . From October 1, the AAH will no longer take into account the income of the spouse . From now on, it will be calculated according to the resources of the person directly concerned. The executive has all the same set a transitional mechanism so as not to penalize certain beneficiaries . We take stock in this article.

What is AHA?

Allowance for disabled adults or AHA is an aid intended to support adults unable to work. At present, the AAH benefits approximately 1.2 million people, of whom 270,000 are in a relationship. In total, the device costs about 11 billion euros to the State .

Its amount can go up to 904 euros per month and varies according to medical and social conditions. To be eligible for this assistance, you must:

  • At least be 20 years old,
  • Have a physical disability of at least 80%,
  • Be a resident of France, Europe or outside the European Union.
  • Do not exceed a certain resource cap

In order to benefit from the AAH, you must submit an application or a renewal of this allowance. To do this, go to the service-public.fr website.

Your request will be sent to the Commission for the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities (CDAPH). After reviewing the case, it will give you its answer within 4 months . If you still do not receive a response beyond this time, your request is probably rejected. But if granted, know that you can combine the allowance with other aid .

An increase of 350 euros per month

Last April, Emmanuel Macron promised to make things “move” , to establish the individualization of the AHA. But last year, this proposal did not receive the adequacy of the majority.

Finally, she receives the approval of the government and will be applied from October 2023 . Following the reform, the allowances for 120,000 disabled couples will be revalued by 350 euros monthly .

'This decree is a very important step forward towards the entry into force of a long-awaited reform,' said Jean-Christophe Combe, Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities.

To avoid the non-take-up rate of this subsidy, the General Directorate of Social Cohesion (DGCS) intends to inform the beneficiaries. A model explanation of the reform and this new condition will be communicated to them. This action will mobilize the CAF, associations of disabled people, or even the MDPH.

“We are keeping our commitments and our schedule. Everything is done to ensure that its operational implementation is simple and benefits everyone. It is a question of autonomy and dignity, ”promised Jean-Christophe Combe.

The possibility of keeping the conjugation

Basically, the calculation of this subsidy takes into account an income threshold of 19,979 euros to receive full support. From the reform, the new threshold considered is 11,038 euros. However, for approximately 20,000 French people, this situation does not change the amount they receive .

But it is not uncommon for recipients can exceed this new AAH threshold . The latter will thus see this subsidy reduced. For good reason, these individuals are mostly those who receive additional income. Among them, 21% became ineligible for the grant .

The executive has already anticipated this scenario. Also, another device should allow them to choose whether or not to apply deconjugalization not. With regard to these people, Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labor said:

'The government has every intention of instituting a transitional mechanism allowing an AAH recipient, who would be likely to see the amount of his allowance decrease due to deconjugalization, to keep the amount of this allowance until expiry of acquired rights”.

In other words, this change in the mode of calculation should benefit current beneficiaries . The latter can therefore maintain a conjugal calculation. But it will no longer be possible for them to return to this old system, once they decided to apply deconjugalization .

That said, industrialization extends directly to future beneficiaries of the AAH from October 1, 2023. Unlike current beneficiaries of the subsidy, they will not be able to choose .

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