AAH: do not forget to fill in this form to continue to receive the aid

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To continue to receive the AAH in 2023, all beneficiaries must complete a form that CAF has already distributed. Find out which one.

  AAH: do not forget to fill in this form to continue to receive the aid

France is the country the most generous in terms of social assistance . The government has always taken its mission of protecting social life seriously. Indeed, several social allowances are available for French citizens. Among them, there is the AAH (disabled adult allowance).

This aid is intended for people who are recognized as more than 80% disabled. This disability rate is determined by the CDAPH. Usually, after the first application, the allowance is paid automatically until the end of entitlement. However, for 2023, you have to fill out a form to continue to benefit.

Form to complete to continue to receive AAH in 2023

This form, you do not need to look far. Your CAF (family allowance fund) has probably already sent it to you by mail. Check your mailbox . In December, all beneficiaries of the AAH attached to CAF have certainly already received this form.

The question is what should be filled in this slip? This form invites all AAH recipients to file tax returns. But what income should they declare to the CAF?

What must be completed in this form?

As mentioned above, after a first declaration, the beneficiaries of the AAH receive the aid within a specified period. This duration varies according to the degree of incapacity. In general, those who present a disability rate of more than 80% benefit from the AAH for life.

For others, those with a disability rate of 50 to 79% , aid is often paid for a duration of 1 to 2 years . It is once this period has passed that the person concerned must apply for renewal of the AAH.

However, for the year 2023, all beneficiaries of this allowance must declare the following income:

  • investment income;
  • Taxable property income;
  • Annuities from survivor's annuity and disability savings life insurance contracts.

You must physically declare this income, because it is not part of the information sent by the tax authorities to the CAF each year. You guessed it, this information is used to calculate the amount of the AAH . They are also used to know if such and such a person is still eligible.

Relayed by the news site Merci pour L’info, in an article published on December 22, 2022 , in Unapei (the National Union of Associations of Parents, Persons with Mental Disabilities and their Friends) specifies that:

“CAF needs to know the nature of these pensions so as not to take them into account (or specifically) in the calculation of the AAH. »

When should mail from CAF be returned?

Already, if you have received the form from CAF, you must complete it before sending it back. All AAH recipients have until mid-January 2023 to complete and send this form to CAF.

The transaction terms are the same as when you received the form, i.e. by mail. So you still have several days before the end of the return period . However, it is strongly recommended not to wait until the last day to reship it.

Reported by the information site Merci pour L'info, on December 22, 2022, Unapei invites beneficiaries of the AAH not to drag:

“To avoid errors and a possible suspension of the payment of the AAH, we advise you to send this information as soon as possible. »

AAH: what to do if you have not received the form?

As mentioned above, all beneficiaries of the AAH must complete this form . Thus, all recipients must receive the form from the CAF. If this is not the case, quickly contact the CAF in your region. This is surely an error.

According to the Mes allocs website, in an article published on August 22, 2022 , the AAH is paid either by the CAF or by the MSA (mutualité sociale agricole). We know that CAF sent AAH beneficiaries a form requesting tax returns.

What about beneficiaries in the disabled adult allowance paid by the MSA ? There you go, you now know that you have to complete and forward the mail that CAF sent you. Otherwise, be prepared for an AHA suspension.

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