AAH: quarterly declaration, who is concerned and when?

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The beneficiaries of the AAH must make a declaration every 3 months to continue to receive the allowance. Here's how.

  AAH: quarterly declaration, who is concerned and when?

The disabled adult allowance or AAH is aid paid to French who live with disabilities. The body responsible for paying the allowance is either the CAF (Family allowance fund) or the MSA (agricultural social mutuality). If being disabled entitles you to help, another condition must be met to continue to receive it .

Indeed, for continue to benefit of the AAH, the service providers must file a tax return every 3 months . Who should make this declaration? How to do it ? And when should this declaration be made? All these questions are answered in the rest of this article.

Who is concerned by the quarterly declaration of the AAH?

The AAH is an aid that the State offers to ensure a minimum income for the disabled . The amount of this allowance varies according to your level of disability and your financial and family situation. The maximum amount of this allowance in 2023 is 956.65 euros per month . A sum that allows the beneficiary to make ends meet, especially in these difficult times. Thus, they have an interest in not losing this right.

Depending on the case of the disabled, the AAH can be paid in one year or for life . However, in order to avoid possible suspension of payments, beneficiaries must make declarations of resources and situation every 3 months. So those who have to make this statement are all beneficiaries of the AAH . The Aide-sociale.fr website, published on February 1, 2023, stated:

'This declaration is mandatory, even if your personal situation has not changed, both from the point of view of the composition of your household and your professional situation'.

How to make an AHA declaration

There are several ways to make a quarterly declaration of the AAH . An article from l’Aide-sociale.fr quoted there:

  • Use the postal services to send your AAH declaration form.
  • Submit your quarterly AAH declaration directly to the CAF or MSA on which you depend.
  • Use the online service at caf.fr or msa.fr.
  • Use the CAF-My account mobile application, accessible from a mobile phone .

Where to find the form to fill in to make the declaration

Among the AAH quarterly reporting methods mentioned above, the first two require the use of a paper form . How to download this form?

The AAH quarterly declaration form is available on the official CAF website and in the article dedicated to the AAH on the Aide-sociale.fr website. Once downloaded, print and complete the form then mail it to the CAF in, you depend on or deliver it by hand .

How to report online

The online declaration is done on the CAF or MSA site . Here are the steps to follow to make a statement via internet :

  • Go to the caf.fr or msa.fr website;
  • Go to your personal space by specifying your postal code, your beneficiary number and your date of birth ;
  • Fill in the sections of your declaration
  • Attach, if necessary, the supporting documents requested;
  • Validate your statement.

How to complete a quarterly declaration of the AAH?

Whether you file online or on paper, you must complete the declaration form before validating or sending it . Here's how to do it.

It should be noted that a form is divided into two. The first concerns your family and professional situation. The second relates to the declaration of resources.

1st part: declaration of family situation

Relayed by the Aide-sociale.fr site, here is the information you must fill in for this first party.

  • Your beneficiary number;
  • Your first and last name;
  • Your mailing address.

If your situation has not changed, tick the box concerning and proceed immediately to the declaration of income. However, if there is a change, be as specific as possible. For example, if you started working, specify the date of employment and the nature of the employment . Also mention what the job entails and provide the contact details of the employer.

2nd part: tax return

In this second part, specify all the income you receive . Here is a non-exhaustive list of income that you must indicate:

  • Income from salaries
  • Income if you are self-employed.
  • Social security benefits for occupational disease or accident at work.

For income figures, it is advisable to indicate the 'net taxable amount' and not the 'net amount payable' . You should also know that for the first and second part, the left side concerns your personal information and the right side that of your spouse.

Here are the beneficiaries of the AAH must make declarations of family situation and professional as well as income to continue to receive assistance. This declaration is made every 3 months from the first payment of your benefit.

If you want more details about this quarterly declaration of the AAH, go to the Aide-sociale.fr website.

Source : Aide-sociale.fr

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