AAH: this new feature to come in the coming months for beneficiaries

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A big change regarding AAH is expected in the coming months. Stay with us to learn more in the rest of this article.


The deconjugalization of the AAH, voted unanimously in the National Assembly last summer, will finally come into force. Its implementing decree was published in the Official Journal on May 13 . This text provides that, from October 1, the income of the spouses will no longer be taken into account in the calculation of the amount of the AAH. This reform brings good news! According to an article by Money-Vox published on Monday, May 22, the deconjugalization will allow an increase in the amount of the allowance for disabled adults . What will be the amount of this revaluation? How many beneficiaries will benefit? Are there any disadvantages? Let's take a closer look later in this article.

What is AHA?

Before addressing the novelty concerning the AAH, first detailing what it is. An article from the government website Service-Public speaks precisely of this help. This article summarized this benefit as follows:

'If you have a disability, the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) can guarantee you a minimum income. The amount of the AAH depends on your family and professional situation and your resources. »

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In short, the AAH as its name suggests is a social benefit intended to financially support adults with disabilities or have a chronic illness. The article also mentioned that as with most financial aid paid in France, this benefit is conditional on the means of the beneficiary .

The amount of this resource ceiling depends on the number of dependent children the disabled person and their marital status (living alone or as a couple). By way of illustration, the income of a disabled adult living as a couple and with a dependent child must not exceed 26,926 euros .

Of course, since this service is deconjugalized, regardless of the spouse's income, the ceiling remains the same .

AHA deconjugation: the consequences

As mentioned earlier, deconjugalization is new to the AAH for this year. But before discussing its consequences, let's first see what it means. The article from the aforementioned Service-Public government site explained what AAH deconjugation means.

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' Decree No. 2022-1694 removes, as of October 1, 2023, the taking into account of the spouse's income for the calculation of the AAH and the deductions applicable on the income of the spouse if he reduces or ceases his activity ' . Can we read in the said article.

This would mean that the income of the married person or civil partnership to the beneficiaries of the AAH will no longer be taken into account to calculate the amount of the benefit . Is this good or bad news?

AAH: a revaluation of 350 euros

See an article on the site informations.handicap.fr , the people who will benefit the most from AAH deconjugalization are those with disabilities who have no personal resources or very little. And whose spouse earns more than the minimum wage for a childless couple. With this reform, these people will receive their AAH at the full rate.

According to the Money-Vox article cited above, tens of thousands of beneficiaries will be winners. What exactly do they earn? Also according to this article, the winners of the demaritalization of the AAH will see their allowance increased by an average of 350 euros . A significant sum in these times of high inflation.

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' But who will not only make people happy! »

Still according to the article on the site informations.handicap.fr,

' the deconjugalization of the AAH, a victory... But which will not only make people happy! »

Indeed, there are also losers. For adults with disabilities who earn more than their spouse or whose spouse has very low incomes, demaritalization is a disadvantage .

The same article from the informations.handicap.fr website. gave a specific example:

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'A disabled person who has recently received the AAH with a gross income from activity equal to 0.6 SMIC and whose spouse has zero income will see their allowance drop by 288 euros (figures given by the General Directorate of Social Cohesion in October 2022) ”.

It may have very serious impacts for the most precarious households , especially if they have dependent children. Of course, there are also homes for which this reform of the AAH does not change anything.

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