AAH: what to declare before mid-January for your allowance

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In France, people with disabilities can count on the AAH. But how does this help work?

  AAH: what'il faut déclarer avant la mi-janvier pour votre allocation

The French benefit from a strong social protection system . In the event of unemployment, or illness, in the event of retirement or disability, they can receive financial aid to make ends meet. But most social benefits can only be obtained under conditions of resources. To obtain an allowance, you must therefore declare all your income. to check eligibility . And the disabled adult allowance, or AAH , is no exception to the rule. The Unapei association has therefore shared several tips for those who have to ask receive this allowance .

AAH: which tax household should be attached to?

In France, individuals can live alone . But it also happens that they coexist within the same tax household. Thus, parents and their children, but also the spouses are part of the same household with regard to the tax authorities . However, it happens that some beneficiaries of the AAH still live with the parents. In this case, it will be necessary to declare the income received by the members of the family to establish calculation of the disabled adult allowance .

This includes salaries, but also income from taxable investments. According to Unapei, communicating these pensions remains mandatory for people who are still attached to their parents for tax purposes. For CAF , these sums will go directly into le calcul de l'AAH . However, this can be avoided by sending a letter to the allowances services. The goal? Show that it is income from parental investments. CAF will thus be able make the distinction and calculate the benefit as accurately as possible .

What to do with savings?

If you receive a survivor's pension or disability savings, you must declare it in your AAH application form. This is actually taxable income. Nevertheless, they have a derogatory tax regime . Again, it will take then inform the CAF , the special status of this remuneration. If a relative or member of your family has subscribed savings for your benefit, you have nothing to declare.

Finally, know that investments such as the livret A, the LDDS, or the LEP generate non-taxable income . No need to mention them in your declaration in order to obtain the AAH. They will have no impact on the calculation of your allowance.

AAH: the dates to remember in 2023

If you want receive this allowance , know that you must start today. If you haven't returned your request for AHA , you have until January 14 to do so. After this date, you may not receive your right in time. If you anticipate, you will receive your social benefit from February 6th.

Finally, here is the good news of the year. From autumn 2023, the calculation of the AAH will therefore be the subject of a deconjugalization. This means that beneficiaries will no longer need to declare the income of their spouses. So some should see their allocation increase from 200 to 300 euros . This is a long-awaited measure on the side of associations .
'Today, this historic breakthrough allows benefit recipients as a couple to live with dignity without depending on their spouse's income in the calculation of the AAH and thus to exercise their full citizenship'
the APF said in a statement.

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