Accumulation of employment and retirement: what changes to allow you to gain new rights

modified: 2023-01-16 21:08:02

Intended for seniors, combining employment and retirement has existed for a long time. But it will evolve with the reform.

  Accumulation of retirement employment: what changes to allow you to gain new rights

These days, France seems ready to ignite . In question ? A pension reform that meets strong opposition . Among the elected members of the opposition, trade unions , but also in public opinion, anger is rising. Nevertheless, the government seems determined to have this text adopted. Raising the legal retirement age remains the point that crystallizes the most disagreement. Also, on the executive side, Elisabeth Borne highlights other changes s induced by the reform. Like the job-retirement combination , which should soon be revamped. We take stock right away…

Combining employment and retirement: how does it work?

This system is intended for people who have already obtained their pension, but still wish to pursue a professional activity . And this in a total or partial way. But for the time being, the accumulation of employment and retirement can only be done on a capped basis. This means that the income earned by continuing his career cannot exceed a certain limit . The Public Service website gives several explanations. » The sum of your gross monthly salary subject to CSG and the gross amounts of your basic and supplementary retirement pensions must not exceed one of the 2 following amounts .

  • Or 160% of the minimum wage: 2,734.85 euros gross per month
  • Or the average of the wages you received during your last 3 months of activity before your admission to retirement. »

Worse now for people who retired before 2015 , combining employment and retirement does not allow for more pension rights. But with the reform, things should change soon .

This device should become simpler

Determined to defend this reform tooth and nail , Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced that combining employment and retirement could be easier in the future. “We are also going to make it easier to combine employment and retirement by removing the ceiling on its conditions of exercise. »

Moreover, retirees returning to work should now be able to accumulate new pension rights while working. However, there is a tiny downside. Indeed, these new advantages will only concern those who have been able to obtain a full pension . People who have obtained a pension at a discount will still have to deal with the ceiling on their income. Except exceptional circumstances . Thus, doctors will have to escape this rule, considering the situation chaos and the shortage of practitioners in the medical sector.

Moreover, if the accumulation of employment and retirement risks relax one's conditions , the employment of seniors remains a major problem. Whereas the government wants to encourage older people to work, keep in mind that many companies tend to be sulky these profiles, although very experienced . However, faced with this phenomenon, the government does not intend to exert any constraint on employers. Thereby, Elisabeth Borne simply mentioned an index on the employment of seniors . The goal? “Value good practices and denounce bad ones. » Clearly, combining employment and retirement will be more interesting… But behind this, there is no guarantee that people over 55 can easily fit into a labor market often ruthless.

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