Activity bonus: here is the amount of the exceptional back-to-school bonus you will benefit from!

modified: 2022-09-22 16:22:02

Being eligible for the activity bonus was often seen as a block to other aid. We have discovered a new turnaround!

  bonus d'activité

Are you a beneficiary of the activity bonus? If so, this announcement is specially dedicated to you! As you have surely already heard, the State has just paid exceptional back-to-school aid for this year. According to official sources, it will soon be your turn to collect it! If you are interested, we bring you the details!

Can the activity bonus be combined with other aid?

For years, several social aids have been distributed to the attention of citizens. Those are the leaders of the country who are behind these acts of charity. Only, they often delegate to CAF the task of their allocation.

That is why the members of this entity have always been prioritized by these aids . Especially even more in these times of crisis! They are considered to be the most needy. Employees already have the activity bonus to come to them aide .

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Hence the relevant question that arises! Does being eligible for the activity bonus eliminate any chance of claiming a social allowance? In general, this employee support system was initiated with the aim of encouraging everyone to work.

Thus, everyone will be able to support themselves in a way autonomous to its purchasing power. This is why during the distribution of the exceptional back-to-school aid in September, the beneficiaries of this support have been ousted !

The terms for obtaining this exceptional aid have been changed!

Faced with the current difficulties, the government would like to lend a hand to parents . As we all know, this inflation is widespread in the country. Apart from the allocation of the back-to-school allowance or ARS, it has also launched exceptional back-to-school assistance.

However, it should be noted that the nature of these aids is totally different. At the beginning, the collectors of the activity bonus were not entitled to it!

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This social minima was reserved for CAF subscribers. The amount delivered to citizens for this last August was 100 euros per household. Recently, we learned that there would be a new payment for this aid . It will be for the month of November!

With the only difference, the collectors in this category will receive slightly less than normal. Why ? This time, the beneficiaries will be activity bonus subscribers. How much will they get? 24 euros per person!

Unlike the activity bonus, this exceptional assistance is more flexible!

Among all the CAF allowances, this exceptional back-to-school aid is quite special . First of all, it can be collected with the activity bonus .

Only, one condition is necessary to obtain it! Whoever will have to collect it in November should not be in receipt of any other aid from this institution.

This government assistance is dedicated to those who are only eligible for the activity bonus. Among other things, it is not possible for a person with several social minima to benefit from it .

Are you compatible with all these criteria? Rejoice then, for your help is on the way!