Activity bonus: income ceiling, increase, what changes for 2023

modified: 2023-01-23 18:11:02

The activity bonus is paid every month to more than 4.6 million households in France. Some criteria are changing in 2023. Here are the criteria.

  bonus'activité : plafond de revenus, augmentation, ce qui change pour 2023

For the sake of efficiency, the executive reviews every year, the rules and system of social benefits . Faced with soaring prices, the amount numerous financial aids has been upgraded in 2022 . It is now certain that the activity bonus will experience some changes in 2023 . The rules concern in particular the conditions of allocation, the amounts and calculation of this premium . Could you continue to receive it in the coming months ? Find out the answer in the following lines.

What is the eligibility criterion for the activity bonus in 2023?

According to the public service website, “the purpose of the activity bonus is to encourage workers (employees or self-employed) with modest resources, to exercise or resume a professional activity and to support their purchasing power. » In 2023, many things will change for this government assistance.

For be eligible for this help, it is necessary:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Reside in France for at least 9 months in one year
  • Exercise a professional activity or, where applicable, receive compensation for technical or partial unemployment.
  • Be a citizen of France, Switzerland, or the European Economic Area. If applicable, you must have a valid residence permit , for at least 5 years.

What is the amount ?

The activity bonus is perceived automatically . Its amount varies according to certain details, in particular:

  • The composition of the household,
  • The amount of resources.

The last item includes sources of income for each member of the household to which the recipient of the premium is responsible. This detail even includes the benefits that the CAF pays .

In 2023, the income limit to be entitled to this bonus is of :

  • 1,885 euros for a single person with no dependent children,
  • 2,636 euros for a couple in which only one person works,
  • 3,959 euros for a couple where everyone works,
  • 3,538 euros for a couple where only one of them works and with 2 dependent children.

CAF also considered apprentices and students eligible for the bonus .

'If you are a student or apprentice, you must receive a net monthly income before taxes of more than €1,047.55,' CAF said on its website.

That said, the same platform adds that the activity bonus “is calculated on the basis of a quarterly declaration”. You can therefore continue to receive it if you are still eligible for each quarter. For this you must:

  • Update your sources of income and those of members of your household, quarterly .
  • Declare each change in family and professional situation in the My Account space in the “Declare a change” section.

How is the activity bonus calculated in 2023?

The activity bonus is calculated on the basis of a lump sum . Clearly, as soon as this basic index increases, so does the amount received by the recipients.

This lump sum is reassessed very often. A reassessment takes place every year in April . Another increase in this financial aid should therefore occur on April 1, 2023 . The next reassessment is not yet known, but it should follow the course of inflation .

This being the case, last April, the fixed amount of the activity bonus was estimated at 563.68 euros every month , for a person who lives alone. This digit increased by 4% under the Purchasing Power Act . At present, this amount is 586.23 euros.

This is why the beneficiaries of the activity bonus will not receive the same amount . For example, a single person without dependent children with a salary equivalent to the minimum wage, can collect up to 170 euros every month .

The amount of this premium is given by the following formula : (lump sum + 61% of professional income + bonuses) – household resources – flat rate housing. However, CAF also offers a simulator to calculate the amount of the activity bonus quickly. The estimate is given based on your family and professional situation .

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