Activity bonus: the conditions to be met to benefit from this aid from CAF

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The activity bonus is an aid aimed at supporting the purchasing power of workers. Beneficiaries, conditions, amount, we tell you everything.

  bonus'activité : les conditions à respecter pour bénéficier de cette aide de la CAF

To benefit from the activity bonus, you must meet a number of conditions . Among them, age, professional situation, resources, etc. Likewise, its amount is also not fixed. In this article, we tell you everything to finally understand the activity bonus.

Who is the activity bonus for?

As the public service website reveals, the activity bonus is an incentive aid . In fact, it was set up to encourage workers to exercise or resume a professional activity. As a result, the premium is aimed at several categories of people.

We can cite :

  • Employees and civil servants
  • Students, trainees and apprentices
  • People on parental leave, sabbatical leave, without pay or on availability
  • Self-employed workers

What are the eligibility conditions?

Be part of these categories of people does not mean that you can systematically benefit from the activity bonus. To do this, you must fill a very precise name of conditions .

Here they are :

  • Have French nationality or be a citizen of the European Economic Area or Switzerland or have a valid residence permit for at least 5 years
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Reside in France permanently (at least 9 months in the year)
  • Exercising a professional activity or receiving compensation for partial/technical unemployment
  • Receive a gross monthly income of more than 1028.96 euros if you are a student or apprentice

What is the amount of the activity bonus?

As we said, the amount of the activity bonus is not fixed . It really depends on the situation of its beneficiary . Its amount is calculated automatically and is personalized according to two criteria:

  • The amount of resources: to determine the amount of your activity bonus, CAF takes into account the amount of your resources. But also all the resources of the members of your household. It should be noted that social benefits count among the resources.
  • The composition of the household: the CAF includes the number of adults and children in its calculation to estimate the amount of the activity bonus.

If on your side, you tick all the boxes to be eligible for the activity bonus, you can estimate its amount. For that, you just have to go to the online simulator on the CAF Internet site.

Here is the amount of the activity bonus according to the percentage of minimum wage perceived :

  • 50% = €246
  • 60% = €246
  • 70% = €199
  • 75% = €188
  • 80% = €176
  • 90% = 136 euros
  • 100% = €132
  • 110% = €105
  • 120% = 60 euros
  • 130% = €15

So, as you can see, below 15 euros, the activity bonus can no longer be paid .

NB :

In the event of hospitalization while you live alone and without dependents , the amount of your activity bonus will be halved. However, it remains intact if the hospitalization occurs while the beneficiary of the aid is pregnant.

Activity bonus: what are the steps?

Are you eligible for the activity bonus and do you want to apply for it? Be aware that the steps to follow vary depending on whether you are a beneficiary or not.

If you are a beneficiary

If you are a beneficiary with the CAF , all you have to do is apply online. Appointment on the website of the Family Allowance Fund .

If you are not a beneficiary

In case v You are not a CAF beneficiary , you must create your My Account Space. To do this, go to the Help and procedures section then choose My procedures. After which you will follow the guide and send your request.

After the request is accepted, you will receive a notification. This will warn you of the allocation of the activity bonus while specifying the amount according to your profile. Note that the notification will be valid for 3 months. After that, your situation will be updated every quarter.

Until when is the activity bonus paid?

The payment of the activity bonus will only end on the day when your resources and your situation no longer meet the eligibility conditions . To keep getting help, remember to:

  • Declare your resources and those of your entire household every quarter
  • Notify any change in the professional or even personal situation. You have a dedicated section in your My Account space.

Please note that the changes will not take effect until the 1st day of the month after the report.

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