Aël Pagny: his touching statement to his brother, Inca Pany

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Aël Pagny makes a statement to his big brother Inca: “My life companion”, she moves internet users.

  Ael Pagny

Ael Pagny, Florent's daughter Pagny has published many photos to celebrate the birthday of his big brother Inca. Indeed, for her, he is one of the men in her life. And she wanted to call it back this Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

The family carried by love

Love is the key to all problems. And the family Pagny has not stopped proving it lately. Indeed, the father of Aël Pagny learned that he suffered from lung cancer. Very difficult announcement for the singer, his relatives and his fans. Nevertheless, he was carried by the love of his family.

First, the mother of Aël Pagny was an unnamed support for her husband. Besides she calls him her 'half' . Then, Florent Pagny has not ceased to praise his wife during a recent interview. 'No, because I was sure of her. She's beyond that but at the same time I know how reliable she is and how in times like this she's just the warrior for me. Especially when it starts to get tougher, when life starts to get rougher, when it's not as smooth and happy as I've been experiencing lately, it is even more present “, he delivered.

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Unfortunately, the latest news is not good. Aël Pagny's father had to return to Paris urgently for medical examinations. Indeed, it seems that the cancer has recurred. Nevertheless, Florent Pagny was optimistic about his situation: he does not intend to give up. Moreover, he was seen beaming during the Fashion Week which he attended to see his daughter Aël Pagny. Fortunately, the singer can also count on his two children Inca and Aël Pagny who are always there for their beloved father.

Aël Pagny makes a message of love for his brother

The young woman shared many photos and videos on Instagram to celebrate the anniversary of his big brother , 27 years old. She wrote a touching caption on a sublime photo of Inca, thanking her brother for being the best brother she could have wished for. Aël Pagny also published unforgettable moments of life with her brother, with whom she shares a very strong bond.

Indeed, she described Inca as her ' companion for life and ended her post by declaring her love for him.

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The parents by Aël Pagny also showed their support for their daughter recently during the Fashion Week , where she paraded for Stella McCartney. For the Pagnys, love is the key to keeping a family together. She shared social media posts revealing shows she attended, including Courrèges, Givenchy, Loewe, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney. She also showed her ability to pull off trendy looks such as a cropped jacket and mini-skirt, high briefs and black tights for the 'no pants' look, as well as a chunky knit sweater with a light satin skirt. the girl of the famous singer shines in the spotlight after growing up far from the media turmoil. In an interview with Gala in May 2022, Florent Pagny described his daughter as being “ quite modest and introverted'.

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