After Booba and M Pokora, Jeff Panacloc atomizes Magali Berdah in an Instagram video!

modified: 2022-09-22 01:16:02

Specialist in hilarious videos, Jeff Panacloc does not hesitate to make topics that make buzz. In particular the clash Booba and Magali Berdah.

  Jeff Panacloc

Recently, Booba and Magali Berdah had scuffles that caught the attention of celebrity fans. And Jeff Panacloc take advantage of it to make it a springboard. After publishing a video concerning Booba, it is Magali Berdah's turn to be comedian's target .

The story that inspired Jeff Panacloc

The recent video of Jeff Panacloc about the rapper and the influencer stems from a debate that has been burning on the Web for a few months. As a reminder, the story begins when Booba publishes what he thinks of influencers and influencers. According to him, it's a big network of scammers who use public opinion to their advantage.

The rapper did not hesitate to perform a in-depth investigation to justify his statements.
“I discovered the role of their pseudo-manager, Magali Berdah, the queen of futility. It made me want to dig to understand. Understand why thousands of Internet users accuse them of scams. »

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And the accusation from Booba did not jump in the eyes of Jeff Panacloc . He imagined the ideal scenario in order to make it a relevant sketch, while not taking any part. If Booba was the topic of discussion previous, it is now Magali Berdah's turn to be at the heart of the discussion.

Unfortunately for the influencer, she did not handle the accusations and reproaches of all kinds very well. She even has filed a complaint against the rapper, saying she was victim of bullying .

A direct, but hilarious video!

From the start of his video, Jeff Panacloc tells listeners to be careful… That says a lot about the repercussions that the sketch might have. Nevertheless, the star of 'Mask Singer' does not hesitate to get right into the heart of the matter.

Indeed, Jean-Marc has immediately Talk about her own definition of an influencer . He therefore explained his vision of the profession.
'She's a former stripper from la grande motte who scams honest people by buying things for 4 euros in China. And who sells it to you for 30 times the price by making disgusting videos on Instagram. And they make you think it's the best product of the world… After getting the money they stole from you, they go back to Dubai to redo their ass. »

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Jeff Panacloc immediately recalls his acolyte better choose your terms . But the famous monkey is not done. He keeps on.
'Be careful guys, they take you for sh*t and sleep really well at night. Whereas you buy stuff and it keeps you up at night. »

The video makes right away sensation , because she got thousands of views and reactions, as well as hundreds of comments .

Jeff Panacloc has nothing against Magalie Berdah

Although Jeff Panacloc's video touches personally influencer Magalie Berdah , this is not a personal matter. Jean-Marc and his friend are just comedians . Besides, Jeff Panacloc is not not of the same opinion that those who utter threats and insults on social media .

Magalie Berdah's statement earned her some encouragements . And Jeff Panacloc wanted to inform the general public about what he thinks .
'Nobody deserves death threats and all that horrible stuff. Here, there are humans behind. Think about it. »