Aid: the various bonuses available in December to help the French

modified: 2022-12-15 23:30:13

As the holiday season approaches, these 7 helpers could do your wallet good in December 2022.

  Aid: the various bonuses available in December to help the French

Prime de Noël , aid for low-income housing, energy checks, etc. The state we have many nudges in store for this month of December . In addition to this, employees will also be able to obtain many “bonuses” from their employer.

What help can you expect from the state?

In this month of December, the State distribute three grants or bonuses under certain conditions .

Energy check

Faced with the energy crisis, the state provided 12 million households , an aid of 200 euros. The beneficiaries are none other than those who already received the energy check last March. The homes that are heated with domestic wood are not left out .

Those who heat with fuel oil will have the special “Operation fuel oil” energy check for them. The Services and Payment Agency (ASP), has already taken care of distributing them since November.

Between the end of December and the beginning of January, eligible households will receive exceptional energy vouchers .

Help from Action Logement

Action Logement assistance is an envelope of 600 euros intended for tenants of social housing (HLM) who are bearing the brunt of the energy crisis. Only those who are faced with an increase in energy costs will be entitled to it. They will receive it from December 12, 2022 .

Prime de Noël

From mid-December, households receiving social minima (RSA, AER, ASS, in particular) will receive Noël's cousin . Its amount Varie selon la composition du foyer . Even if the government has not yet revealed its amount, it is certain that it will be greater than or equal to 152.45 euros .

The bike bonus

This is a helping hand allows you to buy a new electric bike, a cargo bike, etc. . To encourage the French to adopt this means of transport, the State highlights the “ecological bonuses”. A conversion bonus is being distributed. It started in August and will end at the end of this year .

Depending on the model, this aid varies between the situation and the resources of the applicant . That is to say: between 100 and 2,000 €.

If you get rid of a polluting vehicle in favor of an electrically assisted bicycle, you will get a conversion bonus. This last can reach 3,000 euros . Whether new or used.

What help can you expect from your company?

The employment contract, convention or collective agreement may contain clauses that will benefit you . Your employer may have to pay you something more than the Macron bonus. Here are the aids you could claim in this month of december .

The exceptional purchasing power bonus

The exceptional bonus of purchasing power or 'Prime Macron' was born in 2018. At that time, the government had released it in response to the yellow vests crisis . In 2020, the state had to put it back on the table during the health crisis.

This aid reappears in 2022 under the name of “value sharing bonus” (PPV) in order to cope with galloping inflation. She can currently reach 3,000 euros . If the company has set up a profit-sharing or voluntary participation agreement, it can go up to 6,000 euros .

This aid is intended for employees with an employment contract, including apprentices and temporary workers. The trainees however, are not affected . In addition to this, it is temporarily exempt from taxes. And this, until December 31, 2023.

Employee savings

Exceptionally, employees have the possibility of unlock up to 10,000 euros , net of tax, of their employee savings plan. And this, until the end of the year 2023. The law on purchasing power made it possible .

Note that the money you will unlock as part of this device should not be used for any purpose . It must be used “to finance the purchase of one or more goods or the supply of one or more services”. The IRS may ask you for supporting documents to make sure you are going to use it wisely .

A 13th month salary

In some cases, employees may claim a 13th month salary . And this, regardless of the amount of compensation paid. This will depend on the decision of the employer or company practice.

People who left their position during the year will have a check for the amount relating to the time spent in the company . This will be calculated on the basis of what has been the overall gross monthly salary.

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