Alain Delon: his daughter Anoushka reveals a tender snapshot alongside her father

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Recently, Alain Delon posed with his daughter Anoushka and she posted this tender father-daughter shot.

  Alain Delon: his daughter Anoushka reveals a tender snapshot alongside her father

It remains last Thursday that the famous Alain Delon decided to pose alongside his dear daughter, Anoushka, also an actress. Between them, we can see a beautiful father-daughter love which is a pleasure to see in these festive times. . The young woman decided to post this shot on her Instagram account, visibly very proud of her relationship with her father. A moment of complicity and tenderness that warms the heart. We'll explaine everything here.

Alain Delon, an example for his daughter

If since he started his career, the famous Alain Delon knows how to conquer the hearts of his fans. The same goes for his daughter. In effect, the actor seems a role model for his daughter, Anoushka. So much so that she also decided to embark on the profession in which her father excels, comedy and acting. Besides, it remains since the 12 years of the young woman that the latter was able to start the comedy . And this, of course alongside his dear father .

Indeed, at only 12 years old, Alain Delon plays with his daughter the book Le Lion. A moment that allowed the little girl of the time to find her vocation, her passion. And there is no doubt that that Anoushka loves her father like a dad, but also like a mentor . It must be said that the latter, in his work, remains the idol of a whole generation. And for that, his daughter loves taking pictures with him. But also share them with its subscribers. No doubt, she is proud to carry her dad's name.

many pictures

Indeed, Anoushka seems to love taking pictures of her father and his family. She also seemed moved to be able to post a photo of Alain Delon with his grandson, Lino. This beautiful photo that immortalizes a moment of family tenderness is accompanied by a caption. “ My birthday always happens to fall around Thanksgiving… and every year I am more and more grateful for what I have in my life ”. A young woman so satisfied on all points.


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A beautiful shot

But last Thursday, the young woman shared a new photo of her father and her. This time, we find the shot in black and white. And again, this photo is overflowing with love. Above, we see that Anoushka and Alain Delon. In description, we find these few words “ Partner in crime since 1990” in English . This shows the bond between them. As if in addition to having a father-daughter relationship, they also maintain a good bond , and have always been.

And of course, so much tenderness and love does not go unnoticed. Whether it remains the fans of Alain Delon, or Anoushka. There were many comments and likes on this adorable photo. We can also read many benevolent comments always. What sometimes make jealous some who would like to have Alain Delon as a father or such a relationship. So we can read “ A beautiful black and white photo, filled with love and complicity. Thanks Bella. Merry Christmas to all the family” or even It's always a real pleasure these photos of your dad that you share with us, thank you Anouchka, kiss the fort and tell him that we love him too ”.

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No doubt that this Christmas, Anoushka will spend it alongside Alain Delon, her son Lino and her husband Julien Dereims. A party that promises to remain colorful, but also in love .

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