Alain Delon weakened, at worst: his rare appearance for an unexpected interview

modified: 2022-09-28 01:21:26

Alain Delon had the great opportunity to meet the Ukrainian President for an emotional interview.

  Alain Delon

Far from what we have seen of the actor Alain Delon, he accepted an invitation with joy which was a great honor. Despite his weakness, the actor was not asked. The interview was filmed and broadcast on the TV5 Monde channel. A moment when two great men are face to face. The actor receives touching praise from the President and he does not hesitate to return the device to him either.

Alain Delon: A French legend!

Actor Alain Delon will celebrate his 87th birthday on November 8. It is in a slight fatigue as he stands opposite Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. During the interview, the Head of State could not help but praise the actor. He is in admiration in front of his incredible performances. The President confides: “I have never been such a great actor as you. For me, you are always an authority and a huge actor”.

Touched by this beautiful praise from such a great man, Alain Delon also takes the floor to respond: “I will never be a President as brilliant and deserving as you” .

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During the interview, Alain Delon showed his support for the Ukrainian people. He said : “I suffer for you. I would be 50 years younger, I would enlist in the Ukrainian army. You did nothing for to provoke this war. There are things I don't understand and I don't accept this war. When I see these people dying, these children dying, these animals passing away, it disgusts me. .

Volodymyr Zelensky for his part replies: 'He thinks we're part of his world...He knows full well how many people perish every day, but it's part of his plan.' It is a colonialist approach” .

A show made for the whole world

TV5 Monde is one of the television channels with the highest number of audiences for each broadcast. And for the pleasure of viewers , the report was broadcast on other channels, but especially on Ukrainian TV channels.

The meeting between Alain Delon and the President obtained a lot of audience. Especially since the discussion had taken place in all fraternity with lots of praise.

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Alain Delon once again shows his support for Ukraine . We can clearly see that he is weakened and saddened by the current situation in the country. It should be noted that the actor had a stroke and is still trying to get on his feet.

To his greatest surprise, the Ukrainian Head of State invites him to Ukraine whenever he wants. An invitation that was answered enthusiastically by the actor. So he promises his return as soon as he gets better, he will come back in Ukraine.

Alain Delon: Report on his state of health

To be able to visit Volodymyr Zelensky, it is necessary that the actor be in top form. With his current state of health, he could not yet make the trip.

Besides, he still has an operation to do for his stroke. The actor has also planned to spend a few days in Switzerland while he recovers.

As for the news on his health, his daughter Anouchka Delon had announced that his father's health is getting better and better . Hopefully soon he will be back on his feet and holding his promise and to visit his interlocutor during the broadcast He faces Zelensky .