Aldi: the brand launches its kitchen robot at a very affordable price

modified: 2022-12-13 18:05:02

Aldi is finally releasing its very first food processor. The device will go on sale from December 14, 2022.

  Aldi: the brand launches its kitchen robot at a very affordable price

Aldi food processor will have many features . We will detail them in this article.

One of the most affordable food processors on the market

Having become indispensable in the kitchen, food processors are now very popular with cooking enthusiasts . Intelligent and practical, they are a big help and allow you to easily make your favorite recipes.

Very soon, Aldi will release his very first food processor . The brand has announced that from December 14, its most loyal customers will be able to snap up this new invention by Ambiano .

Aldi's very first robot promises to be interesting . The fact is that it will be equipped with several features.

Despite its many features, the machine won't cost an arm . Quite the contrary. Its price will be only 329 euros. What will make the robot, one of the most affordable on the market .

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FYI, the Aldi robot will be sold in almost all stores of the sign, with the exception of those:

  • of Gentilly;
  • dance ;
  • d’Ambazac ;
  • of Saint-Cloud;
  • of Cannes;
  • of Paris Pelleport;
  • from Villiers-le-Bel;
  • from Clichy-la-Garenne;
  • of Post;
  • from Pessac;
  • from Joinville-le-Pont;
  • by Blanc-Mesnil;
  • of Angers;
  • of Limoges;
  • by Nice Beaumont;
  • from Fontenay to roses

note that This list is not exhaustive . You can get more information by visiting the brand's website or by contacting its customer service.

His characteristics

Like its competitors, the Aldi cooking robot can perform various tasks . Thanks to its functionalities, it can knead, mix, steam, cook, mix, chop, weigh, and beat food.

The device is sturdy. He has a power of approximately 1,300 watts in addition to being equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. In terms of security, the machine also has a say. It has a double lock and a non-slip base. its user will therefore have nothing to worry about when cooking .

Now let's talk about usage. Compared to other robots, the one from Aldi is quite simple to use . The automatic programs integrated into the appliance offer the cook more freedom in addition to saving him time. Thanks to these programs, whoever cooks can easily make the most complex recipes .

The Aldi robot also makes it possible to select custom settings for the time. By using the three wheels present on the machine, the user can prepare in advance the actions to be carried out .

For maintenance, the robot has removable blades . These blades have the function of cleaning the appliance more quickly and efficiently.

Here is a summary of the characteristics of the Aldi robot :

  • capacity: 2.3 liters
  • power: 1200 watts (800 w motor)
  • has automatic programs
  • with custom settings
  • equipped with removable blades
  • connexion Wi-Fi
  • integrated scale

Aldi food processor comes with several accessories . Here is a list of these accessories:

  • a spatula
  • a mélangeur bowl
  • a steamer basket
  • a removable cover
  • a drummer
  • blades
  • a measuring cap
  • a cookbook
  • a DVD

Lidl's new robot

Lidl's Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot is available again in store . As usual, the brand saw things big. While her cooking robot was already one of the best, she still managed to make it even better .

The Lidl robot indeed offers a panoply of delightful novelties . In addition to a bigger screen, the device also has a recipe app that permet de lister ses courses .

It is also more robust. With the Lidl robot, you can now prepare larger portions . In addition, its many features will also allow you to add annotations so you don't get lost during the preparation.

Note that Lidl a muni are the robot of the Google assistant . Its user can therefore command it with the sound of his voice and control what he is doing while doing something else.

Let's not forget the 10 speeds as well as the turbo function of the device . Thanks to these features, the robot has the ability to make various recipes. In particular, it can help you prepare pastry or savory recipes .

Finally, here are the accessories supplied with Monsieur Cuisine Smart from Lidl:

  • a cooking basket
  • a mixing bowl
  • a spatula
  • a drummer
  • a knife
  • a steam cooking set

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