Alexandra Lamy dismissed from 20 years of 'A guy, a girl': the unexpected reasons for her absence!

modified: 2022-09-25 18:05:02

Alexandra Lamy has been dropped from the celebration of the 20th anniversary of A guy, a girl. Find out his feelings about this situation!

  Alexander Lamy

Apart from TV shows, cult series also cause a stir to the public. They can entertain us after a long day of work . If you are a subscriber of France 2 , it is sure that “A guy, a girl” does not escape your interest. In fact, it is the extraordinary soap opera which often airs in prime time on this antenna . Apparently, the series will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary. Unfortunately, Alexandra Lamy will not be there!

Alexandra Lamy, a familiar face on the screen!

The name of Alexandra Lamy does he tell you something? Normally your answer should be 'yes'! It should be noted that this is a French actress very famous . In addition, his appearance on the air was quite frequent during a certain period.

Indeed, this actress played the main role in a popular cult series from France 2. Moreover, this fiction made his career take off as well as that of his colleague Jean Dujardin .

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On the other hand, we would understand if you also reply with a refusal. It's been a few years since the broadcast of this soap opera has been stopped ! To be more exact, 'Un gar, une fille' left the channel's screen in 2003.

Even though Chouchou and Loulou have already had 4 years of success with the public ! Hard to forget these stage names borrowed by Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin in this series .

A guy, a girl is coming back on the air soon!

Alexandra Lamy: “Yes! You are not dreaming. » An announcement has been launched by the producers of this series . The good news is that “One guy, one girl” will resume its place in prime time on TF1 .

How is this possible given that emissions famous like DALS still occupy this niche? Don't worry too much about these arrangements! If the chain made this decision, it's that she already has a little idea of ​​the organization to put in place !

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Rejoice , because your serial favorite is back! If you were not yet a fan of this series, we invite you to follow it. Chouchou and Loulou will have fun with their daily parodies .

Only, we must warn you that Alexandra Lamy may no longer be on the trip . According to Puremedia, this actress was no longer requested by the production . On ignore again the case of his partner Jean Dujardin . In any case, a rebroadcast is planned on M6 and NRJ12 !

Alexandra Lamy is not invited to the 20ᵉ anniversary of this series!

We therefore bring to your attention that the unexpected return of this soap opera is due to this event. Managers want to organize a reunion party between the fans and the home of production.

Before D-Day arrives, Alexandra Lamy has already made wind of his absence at this evening. According to the latter, she would not have received an invitation for the occasion ! A news that has a lot shocked the audience !

Alexandra Lamy is the very soul of this soap opera. This series would not be the same without his contribution . The young woman told the media not wanting to cause trouble for so little !

She's already proud if those fans remember her exploits the past. By the way, she pointed out that this will not be a blockage in his future plans . If Arte or another calls her, she would accept without hesitation.