Alexandre Fabre alias Charles Frémont confides in the judgment of Plus belle la vie

modified: 2023-01-12 16:44:02

For Alexandre Fabre, the end of the Plus belle la vie series does not please him, which he does not fail to make known.

  Alexandre Fabre alias Charles Frémont confides sur l'arrêt de Plus belle la vie

Since November, the series More beautiful life has ended. Indeed, France 3 broadcast the very last episode, almost two months ago. An end as brutal for the actors as for the fans of the series. Enough to leave a good number of people hungry, but also disappointed . It must be said that in 18 years of broadcasting, the series took a special place. And for Alexandre Fabre, the end does not seem to have made him very happy. We'll explaine everything here.

More beautiful life, a family story

More than 18 years ago, the series Plus belle la vie was able to be broadcast for the first time. The first episode of a very long series. Indeed, in all, this series has 18 seasons, at the rate of one per year. So, that remains for the actors as for the fans, they were able to grow with this series. For actors like Alexandre Fabre, Plus belle la vie has changed his life .

It must be said that in 18 years of play, this behind was able to know notoriety, and still today. If in the series, he played the bad businessman, Charles Frémont, he also seemed to be the father of Céline Frémont in the series. So inevitably, after so many years of playing together, the actors were able to forge real links between them . And the end of this series, but also of this family, sometimes seems difficult to digest.

Especially since Alexandre Fabre is not really happy with this end. First, because she seemed to rush. But also because for him, more than a simple page, it remains 18 years of his life to put in the past. A test that can therefore seem difficult to overcome. But he is clearly not the only one in this case. If for some actors, the end of the series seems to open the doors to new opportunities, for others, they are still in mourning. .

A difficult page to turn for Alexandre Fabre

On January 1, Alexandre Fabre was able to confide in Provence about this new life since the series ended. He then confessed to our colleagues that “ You don't turn a page like that... Even if I'm a completely normal person. I remain very attached to this character which gave me a little notoriety. There is a certain pride in talking about filming and this family of actors with whom I have a lot of good times. ”. He doesn't hide it either. When it stops suddenly, it's hard ”.

But this sudden stop did not affect Alexandre Fabre. This also remains the case of Laurent Kérusoré who did not hide his emotion from his Instagram subscribers on his sadness to see the series end. For him, his role as Thomas Marci will remain forever engraved in him. He also explained that this celebrity due to a single role had the appearance of a “golden cage”. He confided in the book Incarner a series by Pierre Langlais that “ Gold is relative job security . The cage is that it's screwed up: I was and will remain Thomas Marci for most viewers, decision makers and producers ” as BFMTV pointed out on November 18.

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