Alexandre, Love is in the meadow: 'signed contract' he announces the good news to his fans

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Matthieu and Alexandre were part of the emblematic couples of the show Love is in the meadow, but separated.

  Alexandre, Love is in the meadow: 'signed contract' he announces the good news to his fans

Love is in the meadow remains a program dedicated to helping farmers find love. It must be said that with such a demanding job, it can be difficult to meet people . But thanks to the show, they can meet people and see with whom the feeling goes best. Thanks to this show , many couples and even families were born. And this may have been the case for Alexandre and Matthieu . Unfortunately, when they were about to start a family, the couple decided to separate. We'll explaine everything here.

Matthew and Alexander

Indeed, Matthieu and Alexandre were part of the most emblematic couples of the show. They seem to have a real crush on each other. And very soon after the show, they decided to take it to the next level. They therefore officially said yes to the mayor. And when everything seemed to be going well between them, they decided to start a family. To do so, the couple planned to make a Surrogacy in Colombia . But, just as the couple looked set to do so, they decided to go their separate ways.

The announcement of this breakup was a real shock for the subscribers of this couple. It remains in the month of September that Matthieu announced his break with Alexander. In Télé Loisirs, the breeder of bulls to entrust “ Today, we separate, by mutual agreement . Well, we call each other every day. We have lived two extraordinary years, really. We did a lot of traveling . But at one point, Alexandre struggled to find his place. I think he needed a quieter, less turbulent life . He wanted to be stable, a more classic life ”.

It must be said that the bull breeder, Matthieu, seems to be suffering from an illness. Her name is Cadasil, and could endanger her life. So he decides to enjoy life to the full. But, as Matthew was able to state, Alexandre wished him a quieter life . Thus, Matthieu decided to continue the GPA project alone in order to start his family. He was also able to travel a lot as in Mont Blanc during the winter holidays.

A change of life

On Alexander's side, changes were also noticeable. It seems that the latter has decided to revive in a relationship. And at the professional level, the change has also taken place. It turns out that the latter had an accident, a fall on horseback. He explained “ Three weeks ago, I fell off my horse. (…) Crush of the spinal cord, and C5, C6, C7, plus a fracture of a vertebra . I am then, forced to quit my job , and to go and have spinal cord surgery ”.

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But after that, Alexandre decided to bounce back and not let it get him down. So he decided to retrain as a real estate agent. “ New chapter. Contract sign ” in description of a video of him where we see him posing and revealing the contract he has just signed with IAD, a company. And this company does not remain unknown. This is the company of Fred, a Married at First Sight 2021 contestant.

Indeed, Alexandre had been able to meet Fred from Married at first sight a few months ago . And obviously, they seem to get along well since they start working together . But, it turns out that it was not only Alexandre who was able to get into this business, Matthew too .

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