Alimony: change for payment from 2023

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From January 1, 2023, Aripa will be responsible for intermediating the payment of maintenance payments. Here is what will change.

  Alimony: change for payment from 2023

The payment of alimony has always been an awkward moment between estranged parents . Since March 2022, the Agency for the Recovery of Unpaid Maintenance Payments (Aripa) has been responsible for this payment. However, the automatic intermediation of this body dependent on CAF was triggered only in the event of divorces pronounced by judicial decision . From 2023, this system now extends to other situations of separation or divorce. It aims in particular to reduce non-payments and payment irregularities. Discover the main points in this article .

Who can apply for support payments?

This help to alimony makes no distinction between parents who are in the process of separating or who have already separated. You just have to make sure that the pension be accompanied by an enforceable title . In this case, it is a document which can validate the amount of your pension .

This financial intermediation is automatic after a judgment . But in other cases of separation, it was still necessary to request it to benefit from it. For a long time, this was the case for those who were divorced and separated without a judge .

However, without this protection, the latter had to deal with unpaid bills and payment irregularities .

“However, alimony is a right and a major economic issue, especially for the most fragile families. It thus represents on average 18% of the resources of single-parent families who receive it, ”said the government.

This is why, in 2023, this financial intermediation will be automatic for all cases of divorces and separations :

  • Divorce before the judge or by mutual consent signed by a lawyer and filed with a notary ,
  • Amicable agreement signed by a lawyer and rendered enforceable by a judge,
  • Parental agreement approved by a judge,
  • Orientation order and on provisional measures,
  • protective order,
  • Enforcement title issued by the Collection Agency and intermediation of alimony payments (Aripa) .

How to benefit from the automatic intermediation of maintenance payments?

Automatic intermediation of support payments does not require complicated procedures . To be entitled to it, the beneficiary parent must indicate the amount of this alimony in an enforceable title. If applicable, the Aripa can issue the same document without the intermediary of justice.

Intermediation is mandatory for victims of domestic violence . Apart from this case, the judge or the common agreement of the parents can oppose this intermediation .

Couples divorced or separated as of January 1, 2023 have no steps to take . The service is already automatic for them. In fact, the elements necessary for this file have already been transmitted by justice professionals. Only the amount of the pension changes .

Couples divorced or separated before January 1, 2023 have to make a little effort . Those who already have a support payment recovery file do not have to take any steps. The Aripa just has to keep the parents informed of the device, once alimony recovered . The collection and payment of pensions would be all the more secure.

However, some parents do not have a support recovery file, but already have alimony fixed . They just have to make a request for financial assistance on

Some parents do not have a child support collection file and have not yet set child support . To benefit from automatic intermediation, they will have to have the value of their pension fixed. After that they will finally be able to take advantage of automatic intermediation from the Wing.

A device to help divorced and separated parents

The Family Allowance Fund (CAF) will act as an intermediary between the separated couples . Every month, CAF will take care of collecting child support from one parent to transfer it to the other. It is a free service for separated parents, with or without payment problems.

For this, Aripa, a service dependent on CAF, will be responsible for the management of this financial intermediation . According to the CAF website, Aripa is a service that “aims to facilitate the payment of child support and to preserve the interests of children. »

This automatic intermediation of the Aripa facilitates the collection of alimony . For good reason, it can:

  • Eliminate tensions at the time of payment of the pension.
  • Securing the monthly payment of the pension, thus reducing the cases of unpaid bills.
  • Facilitate the rapid recovery of the pension.

However, Aripa and CAF cannot compel separated parents to pay pension. They can just impose fixed penalties for parents who do not want to cooperate. Also, in case of unpaid, “the injured parent can claim a temporary family support allowance (approximately 185 euros per month and per child)” , explains our colleagues from

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