ALS: beneficiaries, conditions, amount… what you need to know about the allowance

modified: 2023-01-08 21:10:02

In France, the social housing allowance (ALS) is one of the benefits that help people pay their rent. We will explain everything to you.

  ALS: beneficiaries, conditions, amount… what'il faut savoir sur l’allocation

In France, the CAF and the MSA ensure the payment of numerous aids social. Thus, parents can rely on back-to-school allowance . Growing families can collect the PAJE. But when it comes to housing, there are several allowances different. We thus find the personalized housing allowance (APL). But it remains distinct from social housing allowance (ALS) , which targets a different kind of audience. To help you see things more clearly, we take stock right away .

APL and ALS, what is the difference?

These two aids remain accessible, subject to means testing. In the case, you will therefore have to indicate all your income when making your request. However, you will also need to attach certain information about the accommodation in which you live. Type of dwelling, surface area, empty or furnished accommodation, identity of the lessor … All of this data plays a crucial role in calculating your benefits. To put it simply, let's say that the ALS concerns before all those who cannot claim the APL or the family housing allowance (ALF) .

Indeed, the personalized housing allowance (APL) is only obtained if you rent an approved residence. This means that the property offered for rent is subject to an agreement between the owner and the prefect of the department . Such a contract involves several constraints: priority to low-income tenants, regulated rents. But in exchange, the owner can benefit great tax deductions on income derived of its rental investment.

In which cases can this help be received?

However, it happens that some people with low incomes find a n non-conventional housing . In this case, they can therefore apply for an ALS. To benefit from it, there are several possible cases.

  • The young public, without age limits. This means that even an emancipated minor can apply for this help, if the lease is drawn up in his name.
  • Students in university residences, CROUS…
  • The elderly, in EHPAD
  • Disabled people
  • Households without children over 55

So that the demand for ALS is validated, it is necessary:

  • Rent a property
  • Sublet a property. For this, the subletting must be authorized by the lessor. It can be an intergenerational roommate. In that case, the people accommodated can be under 30 years old, over 60 years old , or have a disability.
  • Live in a hostel , like an EHPAD, a student residence…

L'objectif de l'ALS ? Reduce the amount of rent , thus giving a real boost to the purchasing power of the beneficiaries. It works through installments, which usually arrive on the 5th of each month. There is no single amount for this allowance. In effect, many factors are taken into account in this calculation . Thus, the CAF is based on the surface area of ​​the accommodation, your income, or the composition of your household.

For avoid having ALS payments suspended , remember to update your data every three months on the CAF website . You will therefore be able to indicate your resources, and report any change in your family situation . If you forget this step, the administration can suspend your rights.

Source : Capital