Alzheimer's: this bad habit that everyone has increases the risk of the disease

modified: 2022-09-12 14:14:01

From your diet to your sleep hygiene, these daily habits can increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease!


Alzheimer's is a significant health risk that can reduce a person's quality of life and impose cognitive and mental difficulties. Moreover, it is a disease that, in many cases, is difficult to treat! So, it is better to be very careful to reduce the risk of this merciless disease. And this, starting by changing a few habits daily! For more details, find us in the following lines!

Alzheimer's: What foods to eat?

You already know that a healthy and balanced diet is essential for your heart and your weight . Yet the benefits of food for the mind are sometimes overlooked.

Indeed, the brain needs healthy fats, lean proteins, vitamins and minerals to function properly.

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The best food you can give your brain is a diet full of fruits , of vegetables , of nut and of cereals . Replace butter with healthy fats, such as olive oil.

But above all, it is important to limit your consumption of red meat. Instead, opt for other sources of lean protein, such as chicken and fish. The risk of Alzheimer's disease is thus reduced!

Smoking is far from being an ally!

As a reminder, the cigarettes contain more than 4,700 chemical compounds. Components, some of which are very toxic . Also, studies have shown that people who smoke have a much higher risk for Alzheimer's disease.

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But unlike Alzheimer's, the risk of dementia is much lower in former smokers than in current smokers. Which simply means that the earlier you stop, the better !

A new habit that you can adopt right now. To do this, try to find a passion that will keep you busy! In order to make you forget the urge to smoke!

Alzheimer's: Watching too much TV can also increase the risk!

According to Alzheimer's specialists, living a passive lifestyle can also be harmful to health! Continually watch the television or mindlessly repeating everyday tasks can slow down our brain's regenerative abilities. To reduce the risk of attracting this disease, consider to limit the time that you pass in front of your screens!

It is important to note that the sedentary activities are factors determinants for many diseases. And this, undoubtedly slowing down your brain. Which therefore means that it is vital to keep it sharp and not to leave it idle! It is then necessary to find activities that allow you to keep yourself busy. For example, you can start reading or even better, play sports. Indeed, physical exercises also provide a number of benefits that help prevent cognitive problems.