Amandine Pellissard: 'I'm happy for my parents' her son Léo breaks the silence on their retraining

modified: 2023-02-01 16:47:02

Alexandre and Amandine Pellissard, known in 'Large Families', have confirmed their conversion to X. Their son, Léo reacts.

  Amandine Pellissard: 'I'm happy for my parents' her son Léo breaks the silence on their retraining

Amandine Pellissard and her husband offers naughty and paid content through the MYM and Swame platforms. They continue to make a lot of money on the web. The Pellissard's new life choice I crashed the Toile . These parents of 8 children do not listen to criticism about them . Like this last still controversial , their eldest son, Léo, speaks. The details.

Amandine Pellissard: her new business pays her big

Alexandre and Amandine Pellissard raise their 8 children together . They revealed themselves to the public for the first time through the program “Large families: life in XXL”. Recently, they have embarked on the creation of X content .

They opened a MYM and Swame account, paid platforms that offer naughty photos and videos. Obviously, it's a business that pays them well .

'To our surprise, it's true that it's working extremely well, and we're delighted, it's true that we have very regular customers. It pays more than product placements, frankly, ”says Amandine Pellissard to Jeremstar on her show.

The couple just got started at the start of the year. Nevertheless they already earn more than 25,000 euros .

But even for money, the Pellissards refuse certain practices . However, they recalled that “the subscription is 9 euros 99. There are naughty, sensual photos. Afterwards our subscribers can come in dm to ask for private media and there, we have no limits. We do whatever is asked of us. »

Alexandre and Amandine Pellissard fulfilled in their retraining

The Pellissard business seems to be doing well. To keep making money , they need to add more X content.

“We have to be productive, we have a lot of requests,” they confide to Jeremstar.

Amandine Pellissard then confides:

'We have a lot of requests for photos, videos where it's actually a little warmer and there I end up naked. Alex takes the photos. In general for the videos, we work with two phones that we leave running and we are both in action '

their decision shocks the public and is far from unanimous . But the Pellissards do not seem to regret.

This Thursday, January 19 on TPMP, she finally spoke.

“To the little ones, we told them nothing. To the 17-year-old, yes. (…) Leo, our eldest son, we asked him the question. If he had vetoed it, we wouldn't have done it. We educate our children in freedom of speech. »

What their son thinks of their new business

The new activity of Amandine Pellissard and her husband is causing a lot of talk at the moment. A lot worry about their children , like what, they could live it very badly .

Also, their son, Léo Pellissard wanted to speak about this .

“My parents told me about it before. And I said that if they wanted to do that, that they thought they would flourish in that area, good for them and that's cool, ”he said in a live on the Instagram account of his parents.

Leo said he was supportive of his parents. This new life choice not everyone likes , but this one seems to have already accepted it .

“I see that they like what they do, that they are fulfilled, that it works well for them. They are happy to do what they do. They do what they want ! “, he said.

Faced with increasing criticism on the Web on the subject, he made a point of expressing his position .

“It’s their choice and I totally respect that. If they're happy doing what they're doing, I'm happy for them,' he said.

For him, it is clear, these reviews are just speculation . He therefore concluded his message with a clarification.

'For all the people who say it's complicated for kids... I'm at an age where I could have been affected by harassment, not teasing... but there's none of that. We have to stop believing that they did this without telling us about it. No, I'm happy for my parents. The little ones live quietly as usual, nothing has changed. So we are fulfilled in our life”.

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