Amandine Pellissard: she responds to rumors about her divorce from Alexandre

modified: 2023-01-01 23:01:02

Recently, Amandine Pellissard has been the subject of numerous rumors concerning a divorce with Alexandre and a relationship with a woman.

  Amandine Pellissard: she responds to rumors about her divorce from Alexandre

For some time, Amandine Pellissard seems to be the subject of many rumors . While the latter has decided to no longer participate in large families program , it continues to be the subject of criticism. It seems that some have spread rumors that she left Alexandre, her husband. But on top of that, she would have gotten back into a relationship with a woman . So last Wednesday, she wanted to speak to put an end to the rumors. We'll explaine everything here.

The end of Amandine Pellissard and Large Families

One of the news that had caused a lot of talk remains the absence of the Pellissards in the TF1 show. Indeed, Amandine Pellissard has participated with her family in the show since the very first season. But, the mother of the family did not want to continue working with the production . She told Jordan De Luxe “ Behind there were drifts , more and more. And when it started to interest the comfort of my children, there, on the other hand, I put stops right away. I cut the shoots, I stopped the sequencers, I stopped the seasons ”.

And precisely, Amandine Pellissard has always been outspoken. And for that, she wanted to say why she ended this cooperation. “ They came back for me apologetically. They have a kind of hold on you . There is an affect . These are people you trust. They tell you that you are part of the family. […] In fact we realize that we are only TV products ”. So, in addition to this complicated departure, she is also the subject of rumors about her relationship with her husband.

His response to the rumors

It turns out that for some time now, Amandine Pellissard and her husband have remained much less active on social networks. This is due to personal reasons. But in any case, when these two do not give news, Internet users are looking for a reason. And for them, the possibility of a divorce remained conceivable. So, having heard all the rumors, Amandine Pellissard decided to answer all this .

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Amandine Pellissard therefore made a point of declaring that “ We give you little news . It hasn't happened for a long time. And suddenly as soon as you do not give news for a few days, we believe that you have crossed out with a woman, or that your divorces ”. To which she also adds that “ Well, no news. good news ”. After that, she decided to share a photo with her entire family.

A strong love

But in the face of these rumors, Amandine Pellissard wanted to clarify the point of her potential separation. She therefore states that “ But above all, to reassure the most worried: no, I haven't left my darling for a woman ”. She adds a bit angrily that “ Of course we are still together and we will always be together. More in love than ever . No offense to some ”. At least good news for the couple and the family.

Especially since at the moment, Amandine Pellissard has much else to do than deal with such rumors. The mother of the family has indeed launched new projects. So she shared Discover my MYM account . The subscription is 9.99 euros and without commitment . Look forward to seeing you there ”. This platform therefore allows the mother of a family to post charming photos and to be paid . And this news did not fail to shock many of its subscribers.

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