Amandine Pellissard: this tender message addressed to her mother for the holiday season

modified: 2022-12-26 21:36:02

According to the touching message published by Amandine Pellissard on her Instagram account, it seems that she has undertaken a reconciliation with her mother.

  Amandine Pellissard: this tender message addressed to her mother for the holiday season

Many viewers and Internet users know Amandine Pellissard. A mother of six children who participated, with her family, in on the TF1 show , Large families. It must be said that the latter had a rather difficult life. And this, whether because of violence, conflict or simply precariousness. Fortunately, she managed to find a loving husband who supports her in everything she does. Thanks to her participation in Large Families, the mother of the family has managed to gather many subscribers on her Instagram account. These subscribers love his daily crispy news in stories on his Instagram account. During an interview, the latter had mentioned strained family relationships . However, a touching message, published on Thursday, December 22, 2022, suggests that Amandine Pellissard has chose to reconcile with his mother. We'll explaine everything here !

The difficult daily life of Amandine Pellissard

Amandine Pellissard is one of the personalities who never really leave the spotlight. It must be said that during his participation at Large Families, on TF1 , she managed to mark the minds of the viewers. And this, because of her humor but also her chaotic daily life as a mother of six children. However, this year, the latter made the decision to leave the shooting. And this, in order to concentrate on his family and leave a universe that she describes as toxic. Indeed, during an interview with Jeremstar, Amandine Pellissard confided heavy accusations against the production of TF1. Among these accusations, we find the term “hidden work”. But also the fact that, according to him, the show is a reality show disguised as a documentary. An aspect of this life that he did not like at all.

Since her departure, it would seem that Amandine Pellissard has been greatly missed by the viewers of Large Families, but also by her subscribers. Fortunately, she confirmed that she would continue to update him through his Instagram account. And thing promised, thing due. However, this mother often seems to find herself at the heart of many controversies. Whether it's about her departure from the TF1 show, the Christmas gifts she bought for her children or the new activity she has undertaken. It should then be added that the mother of six recently announced the opening of his MYM account. Indeed, on December 13, 2022, she shared this news, which many would call shocking, to her followers. As a reminder, MYM is a paid platform where users share exclusive and often sexy content.

Difficult and toxic family ties

Despite everything, it seems that Amandine Pellissard remains a personality adored by many. However, what we see on social networks often does not portray the whole reality. It should be known that the mother of the family has always been able to be very frank about her private life. So, on Saturday December 3, 2022, she had decided to share sad news with her subscribers. Indeed, it seems that she has decided to cut ties with his mother and sister. And this, after repetitions of unhealthy behavior towards her . « All this pains me a lot, so stop asking questions about my mom. My eyes hurt and my heart hurts, in every sense of the word “, she confided, visibly saddened. However, as Christmas approaches, it seems that one thing just changed.

On her Instagram account, the mother of the family recently posted news that may have shocked many of her subscribers. Indeed, on Thursday December 22, 2022, Amandine Pellissard took the time to share, in an Instagram story, a touching message for his mother . « I think of my mom who I miss and wish her a Merry Christmas “, she therefore wrote. And this, accompanied many small red hearts . It must be said that many Internet users have been asking questions. Does this demonstrate a reconciliation between the two women? Will Amandine Pellissard's mother receive her daughter's sweet words? At the moment, there are no details. However, its subscribers suspect reconciliation through the magic of Christmas.

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