Amandine Pellissard: with her professional retraining, what does the law say about her children?

modified: 2023-02-05 16:47:02

Does Amandine Pellissard risk losing custody of her children because of her new job? Let's find out the legal point of view!

  Amandine Pellissard: with her professional retraining, what does the law say about her children?

It is in 2020, in 'Large families: life in XXL', that the general public met Amandine Pellissard . With her husband Alexandre, the mother with a strong temperament is at the head of a family of 8 children. Among the latter is notably Léo, the son she had from a previous relationship . Very close-knit, the large tribe quickly became one of the favorites of viewers. Nevertheless, this renewed notoriety is not without consequences. Indeed, following their participation in the TF1 docu-reality, the Pellissards, especially the matriarch, have received a lot of criticism . And the most recent have to do with the new couple's activity .

Amandine Pellissard: an astonishing and sulphurous reconversion

In recent years, two new platforms are the subject of growing fame . This is obviously Onlyfans, created in 2016, and its French version MYM (Meet Your Model). Having the same functioning as Twitter or Instagram, they are nevertheless differentiated by certain contents rather daring that users can share.

Indeed, on these social networks, there are no restrictions regarding nudity. Many people post sexual or even pornographic content there. And to be able to access it, you should break the piggy bank since the famous content in question is not free.

A rather lucrative business in which French personalities, especially those from reality TV, decided to start . Among the best known are the former candidate Nathalie Andreani who claims to have become a millionaire thanks to these applications. And this, by selling photos and videos of her in undress or completely naked . There is also Adrien Laurent, Astrid Nelsia or even Gabano from the 'Princes of Love'.

Recently, it was the Pellissards who decided to go for it . Indeed, Amandine Pellissard and her husband Alexandre recently opened a MyM account to earn money by marketing videos of their antics. And it seems that this new activity is beneficial for the couple , since in less than a month, he claims to have earned more than 26,000 euros. Interviewed by her friend and blogger Jeremstar, the mother of the family said:

'It earns more than product placements, frankly! We never thought it would make so much money, ever. We are happy. In addition, we are really in symbiosis both, we found each other. (…) We are happy like that. »

A “creepy”, “sordid” and “staggering” activity

Of course, couple's choice Pellissard to convert to X 2.0 is not unanimous. The proof ? On social networks or in the media, the lovebirds are subject to much criticism . In 'TPMP' for example, the columnists did not mince words to show their dissatisfaction with this situation.

Starting with Géraldine Maillet who finds that 'It's so creepy, so sordid, so great and so decadent' . Live on C8, Daniel Riolo's companion, visibly scandalized, said:

'We're having fun, but I want to cry. (…) Forgive me, but I find it absolutely annoying! I don't care about pornography, they do what they want with their privacy. The problem is that we know them thanks to their children. So today, for me, it's non-assistance to anyone in danger.

To conclude her remarks, she believes that it would be good if the services look at the case of the Pellissard children . An opinion shared by many people. His colleague Bernard Montiel denounces a 'psychological mistreatment which is reprehensible by justice'. For the former Video Gag presenter, the career choice of Amandine Pellissard and her husband is “irresponsible and extremely dangerous for their children” .

And to add:

(…) the children spent whole weeks on TF1, everyone knows them. So they are bound to be bullied at school. That is what is scandalous. Now, between adults, they do what they want. But for children. »

What the law says ?

In this matter, most people are very worried about the impact that could have the activity of the couple towards their 8 children . Note in passing that the latter are between 17 and 3 years old. Raymond Aabou, who called Amandine Pellissard and her husband selfish, fears that in 10 years, kids fall on their videos .

“There is a responsibility all the same”, he had swung, very upset.

Faced with this situation, on social networks, several Internet users threatened to call social services .

What does the law say about that? Because of their sulphurous reconversion, is the couple at risk of losing custody of their children ? Usually no! For good reason, according to justice, the professional choice of the parents is not a valid reason to withdraw their children. Provided, of course, that the profession in question does not endanger the well-being of children .

For information, just like other industries, that of X is regulated by laws protecting both producers and consumers. Therefore, if the parents manage to ensure the education and safety of their offspring , he does not incur any criminal risk. And this, vis-à-vis their professional activity.

In any case, as far as children are concerned, Amandine Pellissard that nothing has changed in their upbringing . According to him, they don't do that when the children are at home. And to defend them lovebirds can count on the support of their eldest . Passing through with his parents in “TPMP”, Léo had declared:

“I feel good. Afterwards, of course, it raises questions that my parents made such a choice, but as they said, if I had put the brakes on, well, they wouldn't have done it. »

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