Ambre Dol: 'It's the best decision' her radical decision for the good of her children

modified: 2023-01-28 22:42:02

This Thursday, January 26, 2023, Ambre Dol from 'Large families: life in XXL' announced on Instagram very big changes to come.

  Amber Dol: “C'est la meilleure décision » sa décision radicale pour le bien de ses enfants

Since the separation with Alexandre, Ambre Dol has to face many difficulties . This Thursday, January 26, the mother of the family announced, on Instagram, very big changes to come. These changes relate to his career and at the same time his family life .

Ambre Dol: victim of pneumonia

For some time, Amber Dol kept quiet on social media . Indeed, it must be said that the mother of five children who was revealed in the program 'Families: life in XXL' has experienced a series of problems. The mother was the victim, at the beginning of November, of bilateral pneumonia .

On Wednesday November 2, she confided in an Instagram story:

“Thank you for your many messages. I am very tired. I'm going back to the emergency room, because since last night, I've been coughing up blood... Yeah, I know, it's not very glamorous... I remain confident. I think it's my pneumonia that's tough... But I'm even tougher than her. »

To cure pneumonia, she was hospitalized for several days and placed on life support. Fortunately, the young woman recovered and was able to go home and get back on her feet .

She clarified that her pneumonia was caused by the influenza virus , which causes the flu. Throughout her hospitalization, doctors discovered a 5mm nodule during a CT scan. A nodule that she checked during the month of December .

Ambre Dol: her separation from Alexandre

Ambre Dol, far from being rid of her problems, faced a different type of problem . Indeed, the one who married Alexandre a year ago now traces her path, alone.

Friday, November 25, 2022, she confided in her followers on Instagram saying :

“There have been big changes in our lives, the bilateral pneumonia was not the only reason for our absence. Many of you have understood that Alexandre and I have decided to take a different path. I do not wish to express myself further on this subject already for our children but also for both of us, this will remain our secret garden. I hope you will understand it. »

That's not all ! In January 2022, she wrote on Instagram:

'Don't think that we are a perfect couple... We have to know how to deal with our respective faults, misunderstanding, sometimes absent or deaf communication, disagreements, our weaknesses, our strengths and our doubts. It is sometimes a fight of love: to fight, to persevere never to separate… to seduce again and again… to find the happy medium which is so difficult to detect! »

An important decision

This separation is a step that is not necessarily the easiest to accept for herself or for her children, even if she does everything for their make it easier and put some sparkle in their lives .

For Amber Dol, a central concern : minimize the impact of this separation on its young. Thus, it is quite logically his children who led her to make a radical decision , announced on Instagram, in story, this Thursday, January 26, 2023.

In the caption of a photograph taken during one of her interventions as a volunteer firefighter, the mother of the family wrote:

“I made the choice to take one available for my children, I am nostalgic when viewing these photos, but I know it is the best decision I could have taken. »

Ambre Dol went on to say:

“They each need me to get through this complicated period, this change of life. I am passionate about my work, but the well-being, stability and comfort of my children are my priority. »

Nevertheless, Amber Dol don't give up the ramp completely , she continues her work as a nurse and the task will not be easy.

“We have just learned that there is a reshuffle of the service. We have to do nights now too, “she said, indicating that she is” 50% since June 1 “.

A decision she does not regret claiming that the “mental load [was] too heavy and that a solution had to be found to move away from it for the benefit of [his] family and especially [his] children”.

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