Ambre Dol separated: she talks about her breakup with Alexandre

modified: 2023-02-07 20:17:02

Ambre Dol, recently single, confides in the difficulties she can go through in this ordeal. She wants to be alone.

  Ambre Dol separated: she talks about her breakup with Alexandre

Ambre Dol and her husband Alexandre recently decided to separate . On Instagram, the young mother confides in her subscribers. Ambre Dol talks about the difficulty of this event which makes his daily life difficult. She even says: a part of my heart is extinguished '. However, she also says learn to be single and to rebuild a peaceful and fulfilled life with herself.

Ambre Dol separates from her husband and finds it difficult to be happy

Less than a year after their marriage, Ambre and Nicolas decided to separate, which really surprised fans of the show Large families : life in XXL. It must be said that the family was especially loved by viewers.

Thereafter, the mother of Jade, Maëlys, Lizandro, Joaquim and Winona made the choice of take back control of your life. In this way, she wanted to focus on her family life and buying a house. These decisions prove how heavy his need to regain control over his life was.

However, that is not all. Ambre Dol also wishes focus on herself taking more time for her own activities and being alone. And that's exactly what she started doing. On February 5, the young lady 39-year-old posted a photo of herself practicing winter sports without her children. ' End of the weekend… I find my babies tomorrow “, she wrote in the caption.

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Although seeming to be fulfilled in her new single life, Amber expressed less cheerful feelings. Fans were delighted to see that she seemed more playful since her separation by observing her photo, but Ambre wanted to remind that it was thanks to the love of her family who supports her in this ordeal. She then clarifies that her recent breakup has caused damage to the point that it's not not easy to live with. 'A part of my heart has been extinguished and will never rekindle,' she said.

She is learning to appreciate her single life and is not ready for a new relationship

Ambre Dol said that loving a man again is not in her priorities. Effectively, her new priority is herself. « Before you love someone, you have to learn to love yourself “, she confessed. Nevertheless, she wants to be optimistic and flourished despite her separation. The mother knows that she will overcome this ordeal and she confides that she will put everything in place to recover from this ordeal. Concretely, Ambre Dol is not the type to let go.

For now, the mother of Large families: life in XXL wanna enjoy being single and flourish alone alongside her family. Finally, Ambre Dol does not need to bring a new man into her life. Before she does, she knows she has need to meet and build new self-esteem. ' Loving someone is not one of my needs or priorities “, she finished.

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