Ambre Dol: 'Your departure four years ago...' She pays a vibrant tribute to her deceased grandmother

modified: 2023-01-29 19:29:02

On January 27, 2023, Ambre Dol from the show 'Large families, life in XXL' paid a poignant tribute to her grandmother.

  Amber Dol:"Ton départ il y a quatre ans..." Elle rend un vibrant hommage à sa mamie disparue

Four years ago, Ambre Dol, the one who is a nurse in the fire department civil security, lost his beloved grandmother . The years have passed, but the wound is still wide open for the mother. Very active on social networks she has also decided to share this immense pain with her subscribers . Discover his tribute in this article.

Ambre Dol, separated from Alexandre

For some time, the trials follow one another for Ambre Dol . First, in early November, the mother of the family was hospitalized. According to the information, she felt severe pain in the respiratory system and started coughing up blood.

Faced with the concerns of Internet users, Ambre Dol had reassured his followers on Instagram , explaining that he suffers from bilateral pneumonia.

'I felt safe, I just wanted to let myself be treated on a chair, on a stretcher, a bed... whatever, but I was relieved to be in the hospital, taken care of by a caring team despite their sustained activity, I could finally release the pressure, ”she said.

While she thought she was out of business, on returning home, the former candidate of 'Large Families' announced that he had been diagnosed with a nodule 'perhaps benign “, but 5.5 millimeters large. And the problems didn't end there.

On January 25, 2023, Ambre Dol made another announcement to his subscribers . Indeed, after years of living together, she and her husband Alexandre separate.

“With Alexandre we decided to take a different path. I will remain silent on our separation, I believe that it is part of our secret garden and especially that of our children. I measure how lucky I am to have given birth to 5 wonderful healthy children. I am so proud of each of them, ”she said without giving any further explanation on this separation.

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She pays tribute to her grandmother

After her separation from her husband Alexandre, Ambre Dol moved from Saint-Martin-de-Crau with his five children , Jade, Maëlys, Lizandro, Joaquim and Winona. From there they live, the nurse tries to rebuild herself step by step.

She can also count on the help of her subscribers who are present so that it is in joy or in sadness. This is the case on January 27, 2023 on Instagram. As a reminder, the young woman lost his grandmother four years ago to the day .

Thus, Amber Dol has decided to pay him a very touching tribute , accompanied by a photo of a beach with a gray sky, with “Granny” written on the sand.

“Already grandma… Your leaving four years ago will never take away the feelings and love I still have for you ❤️ I love you grandma. »

The tribute was certainly sober, but testifies to the love she had for her grandmother, born in 1922, who died in 2019 . She also had the opportunity to pamper her grandchildren Jade, Maëlys and Lizandro a few years before to leave. At that time, Lizandro had just been born.

Ambre Dol: she tries to go up the slope

Despite his circumstances, Ambre Dol tries to be always upright . Now a solo mom, the former candidate for “Large Families” has started a new life. However, this is not easy. So much so that the main concerned has lost some weight.

Internet users even consider that she is too thin . An observation that Ambre Dol validated.

“Regarding my weight loss: some tell me in a benevolent way, telling me that I need to fill up, and others tell me that it is horrible and that I have lost too much weight. . I totally agree with you,” she said.

The mother then added:

“My body needs to fill up. But I'm solid, don't worry! Me too, I think I'm too thin. It makes me a little complex, but I know it will only last a while! »

Amber Dol nevertheless remains affected from time to time by lack of tact of some internet users.

“I want to explain to you that through this screen you have a human with his story, his doubts and his wounds. The words thrown like that, in virtual exchange, can also be misinterpreted, ”she wanted to clarify.

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