Amir: 'I want to do it' the singer confides in a project for 2023

modified: 2023-01-23 19:07:02

For 2023, Amir has a lot of projects in mind. Recently, he talked about an amazing sporting challenge he set for himself. We tell you everything.

  Amir: 'I'ai envie de le faire » le chanteur se confie sur un projet pour 2023

Saturday January 21, 2023, Amir confided on the airwaves of RFM with Bernard Montiel. A passage that allowed him to talk about his plans for this new year. Among them, he has this amazing sporting challenge that could make him participate in a big event . Details in this article.

Amir: an end of the year with the family

After a busy year, Amir was able to relax throughout the end of the year period . Indeed, the singer welcomed Christmas and the New Year en compagnie de sa petite family e. Amir decided to pass these a few days of vacation in the sun in the Dominican Republic.

A stay that the father of the family obviously enjoyed the photos, as evidenced by the photos that he shared on the Web. For example this adorable shot, posted on December 27, where we see the artist with Mikhaël, aged 3, above his shoulders .

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A well-deserved vacation after what the year has in store for him. Remember that it was in 2022 that Amir became a father for the second time . It was also the same year that he participated in the “Star Academy”. Not to mention his concerts.

In short, you will have understood, this break was more than necessary . That said, as everything has an end, Amir has already returned to work. Besides, he is already showing in the play “Selected” at the Marigny theatre.

Amir at the New York Marathon?

Saturday, January 21, 2023, Amir was on the set of “An hour with…” on RFM with Bernard Montiel. The opportunity for the singer to talk about his plans for this year . The 38-year-old man then did not fail to discuss his new challenge.

“Are you aware that your destiny will change as a result of this performance? (…) You are not going to stop… If you have to choose a day? asked the radio host.

To which the singer responds:

“No, not at all, why choose? There is no need to choose. I see enough artists, artists that I admire, combining two careers, two passions, sometimes even more. I continue as long as I succeed and I give myself the means to do so. I'm doing the maximum. »

Anyway, the year 2023 promises to be exciting for Amir . There is something to be seen in the enormous challenge that the singer-songwriter has set himself. Indeed, he intends to participate in the New York Marathon which will take place on November 5th.

The one who says he loves sport did not hide his enthusiasm:

“I want to do it. I am checking to register. I would love to do that! »

For Amir, the year 2023 may be even busier than the previous one !

“The Voice” changed his life

On the same day, Amir was also on “Nice to meet you” on MRadio. It is therefore in front of Sophie Davant that the singer returned without detour on his career in the telecrochet show 'The Voice' , in 2014.

According to him, his participation in the TF1 program was instrumental in his career as a singer. Even though he didn't win the trophy, he feels that the show gave him enough self-confidence to get started.

'I keep a first where I have confidence in myself, confidence in my ability to be there to sing and to be recognized as such. Until the second I sang in front of these 4 upturned seats, I was, in my mind at least still, a dentist with a hobby,” he recalled.

Before going on to say:

'I sang 'Candle in the Wind' by Elton John and I pick up the mic like every time I've sung karaoke in my life except 2'30 later I have Mika, Jenifer, Florent Pagny and Garou turning around. And in my head, I say to myself: “Wow, I was unanimously accepted by these professionals.” »

At this moment, Amir saw coaches' endorsement as a 'blessing' to push him to 'do a little more than just being passionate about music'. He also wondered if he had 'a little potential' that he didn't know.

“And it is sure that it boosted me enormously. And I have the chance to reach the final, carried by Jenifer sometimes, but most often by the public, with votes. And that too, it secured this questioning that I had: “Do I have my place in the musical landscape?” “, he concluded.

Today, Amir is a successful singer !

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