An ‘Average College Kid’ Tried the FBI Agent Fitness Test

Having currently put himself through the physical conditioning test utilized by the Russian militaries to evaluate brand-new employees, YouTuber Brandon William sets his sights closer to house for his newest obstacle. In a brand-new video, he handles the FBI physical fitness test with no previous training, and quickly discovers that, maybe unsurprisingly, they’re called unique representatives for a factor.

The test includes 5 occasions, without any more than 5 minutes of rest in between each round:

  • 1 minute of situps
  • A timed 300-meter sprint
  • Pushups to failure
  • A timed 1.5-mile run
  • Pullups to failure

    William begins with the situps, producing 50 associates in the allocated minute, making him 6 points on the test. His efficiency on the sprint, nevertheless, appears like it might put him in difficulty: he completes the 400 meters in 1:03, which he puts down to doing laps backward and forward rather of working on an open track.

    ” I believe I might have been a bit quicker because,” he states. “Every single time I need to turn and stop, it eliminates all of the momentum.” This causes 2 points being subtracted from his cumulative rating.

    The 3rd round is a test of a person’s pushup max: William finishes 55 associates, which includes 6 indicate his rating. “I wished to stop briefly and keep going, however you can’t stop briefly,” he states.

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    Round 4 is the 1.5-mile run, where a minimum time of 13 minutes is needed in order to pass. William completes in 12:29, which while technically a pass, does not include any indicate his last rating.

    The last test is pullups to failure. William maxes out at 20 associates, making him the greatest possible rating of 10 points in this occasion, bringing his overall rating to 20 points: a pass. “Honestly, I’m quite delighted about that,” he states. “This test was not as tough as the Russian Army physical fitness one.”

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