Angèle: the singer unleashes internet users by revealing her hair

modified: 2023-02-13 16:07:02

On social networks, Angèle received a flood of criticism after proudly showing off her unshaved armpits. We take stock.

  Angèle: the singer unleashes internet users by revealing her hair

In recent years, Angela has established itself as one of the new sensations of Belgian music and French-speaking. Coming into the world on December 3, 1995, we must admit that the pretty blonde is a real tube machine. Among his greatest successes are titles such as 'Forget everything', featuring his brother, rapper Roméo Elvis. Without forgetting of course 'Balance your what', an ode to feminism , one of his favorite themes. Engaged not only in these songs, she recently shared a cliché that was definitely not unanimous .

Angèle and her annoying hair!

L’ injunction to smooth skin is one of the fights that some feminists are waging lately. On social networks and in the media, more and more they dare to go back to nature letting body hair grow. This is particularly the case of the lovely Angèle who, decidedly, is not shy.

Indeed, on her Instagram account, on February 10, 2023, the 27-year-old singer shared a post alternating photos and video clips . And in one of the famous photos, the native of Uccle, Belgium, displayed herself an armpit that is exposed and well-furnished with hair .

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Only here, the photo, which is simple in appearance, aroused hostile reactions from Internet users. In the comments we can read:

“Ridiculous this fashion of being naked! Absolute regression! “, “No cabbage, no hair please”, “You are ridiculous with your hair under the arms”, “The 6th photo, I almost threw up”, “Everything except the hair under the armpits, no good”, “Oh no, not the hairs under the arms, it ruins everything”, “(…) A casserole dish and pink wax and it will be perfect (…)”, “The razor exists”, “You have to be damn scorched to show off [his hair]” or “Shave, above all, damn it! »

Her fans to the rescue

Fortunately, to defend her against the attacks of the haters, the star can count on his followers . Also in the comments, many of them denounced the inappropriate remarks that the singer received .

“There are still people who are shocked by hairs in 2023, shame”, “Thank you for sharing this message”, “Even with hairs, I marry you”, “Only men who comment on the sixth photo, like it shocks them, but for them, hair on their legs, chest or under their arms, it's normal and we shouldn't say anything', 'Thank you for the sixth photo', 'But how sad, these comments on hairs under the arm… Grow up, people, please”, “She does what she wants with her body, no”, “So I'm not sure, but I think she honestly doesn't give a fuck about your negative and sour opinions. »

That is what is said! In any case, all this shows that the injunction to remove hair still continues to weigh on women . However, for the moment Angèle does not have time to dwell on these negative comments. Instead, she probably prefers enjoy his victory at the Victoires de la Musique .

A double

Also on February 10, 2022, France 2 broadcast the 38th Victoires de la Musique ceremony. On the audience side, presented by the former Miss France Laury Thilleman, it gathered 2,348,000 viewers in front of their screens. During this evening full of song, many artists followed one another on the stage to perform their hits .

Among the latter, we can notably cite Calogéro who threw a small tackle at some of the decision makers in the music industry .

'We don't lock artists in, we don't mold them,' he said.

Also, there was Bigflo and Oli who are currently on air on TF1 in 'The Voice', Clara Luciani, etc.

For the most famous Belgian singer of the moment, Angèle, the evening was a real consecration. For good reason, the young woman, who claims to be bisexual , won not one, but two awards. These include the most streamed female album and that of the best artist . What make him very proud as evidenced by his words:

“I would be lying to you if I said that I had not dreamed of this prize. (…) This is an important category because it allows women to shine in music. »

For information, during this ceremony, Belgium was wonderfully represented . Indeed, in addition to Angèle, Stromae and the young Pierre de Maere were also sacred .

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