Anisha Star Academy: her secrets about her relationship with Léa, finalist of the season

modified: 2022-12-19 21:09:02

Many rumors took place on Anisha (Star Academy) and Léa who allegedly harassed him during the competition.

  Anisha Star Academy: her secrets about her relationship with Léa, finalist of the season

While Anisha (Star Academy) won the show which recently made a comeback, it didn't go without drama. Indeed, beyond a competition to find the future star among the students, the young people lived together. So inevitably, it offers its share of drama and history between young people. And one that has turned a lot remains that the big winner would have seemed the victim of harassment . And this, particularly from Lea's side , another candidate for Star Academy. But exclusively, Anisha decided to confide in Pure People on the subject. We explain everything here about this interview.

Anisha's Victory (Star Academy)

Inevitably, one of the very first questions from our colleagues from Purepeople the day after the victory of the young woman remained her impression of this adventure. Indeed, Anisha (Star Academy) remains a fairly discreet young woman who finds it difficult to reach out to others. This six-week adventure, in a castle with other people of his age, seemed quite complex. Especially since all the students no longer had contact with the outside . Except on a few rare occasions. So, for this young woman born in Madagascar, it remains a drastic life change.

Thus, when our colleagues, we asked Anisha (Star Academy) what she had done right after the victory behind the scenes, she answered with a lot of emotions. “ I was very moved and surprised. I had a lot of gratitude in my heart and a lot of gratitude . I went to the musicians to thank them for this whole adventure. I did it often, but now I knew it was the last time. I also went to see the whole dressing/makeup/hair team to thank them and give them a hug . I was in a state of mind where I wanted to thank everyone. Then I was asked to take pictures with the public ”.

life in the castle

Ainsi, Anisha ( Star Academy ) seemed to have trouble reaching out to others. And the latter quickly had the reputation of not appreciating it. But it went even further. Indeed, one of the candidates, Léa, known for her outspokenness, had heavier accusations. The latter has quickly acquired a reputation as a stalker . An inglorious title that she would have exercised with the winner of this new season. So inevitably, the Purepeople team asked for the 'victim's' perspective of this story.

Thus, Anisha (Star Academy) put an end to these rumors. She stated that “ I did not experience any harassment . There is still benevolence and solidarity in this promotion. Lea makes jokes, She's funny and she's kind too . After all, it's all a question of temperament I think. And everyone interprets the way they see it. In any case, I would like to say to people who think this is harassment and who may be defending me for it: Do not worry , I have no problem with Léa or with other people ”.

Indeed, Anisha ( Star Academy ) even goes on with her statement saying that she enjoyed every single person in the competition. And simply that indeed, they didn't all have the same personalities . What if netizens thought the students didn't seem to voluntarily go to Anisha when she won, she denies that too . She simply states that she didn't feel that way. But above all, all the contestants seemed to congratulate each other . And in good faith.

The projects for the future

Of course, by winning this show, Anisha (Star Academy) gained a lot. First of all, notoriety. Because by passing through the show, she was therefore able to shed light on her. Just like the other candidates of the show who seem to see their careers take off . But for the win, in addition to that, there is a nice check as well as an album signed at Sony.

So, for the question of the check for 100,000 euros , Anisha ( Star Academy ) does not see itself keeping it entirely. She wants to send some to Madagascar to help there. “ I had planned before Star Academy , even if I didn't have 100,000 euros , to bring my stone to the building on access to education in Madagascar . I can't change anything, but I want to do what I can, because it's a problem in my country. I also wanted to help children in difficulty and focus on somewhat personal projects. . Including my studies, even if it's the end soon ”.

And as for the album, Anisha also has many projects. She plans to do different styles. Although at the time of the interview, she had yet to speak with Sony. She wants to see this album with “ a folk touch is important . I would like there to be a bit of pop, country, pop-rock as well and bring some sweetness and power into it ”. And in her hopes, she wants this album “ brings beautiful emotions like joy, love, courage or hope . I want touch people's hearts and share all this with the public ”.

Le mot de la fin d'Anisha (Star Academy)

To end her interview, Anisha ( Star Academy ) particularly wanted to thank the viewers for their participation. Indeed, the public vote also counted for the victory of this show. So, without the public, she would never have been able to get this far. And she also wanted to thank the journalists who also value the work with their interviews. Thereby, this exclusive interview for PurePeople allowed the young woman to give her version of the facts on this story with Léa .

Because, whether it remains the government, the schools or even each of the French, the fight against harassment is still going on. It must be said that harassment can quickly destroy lives. So that Anisha (Star Academy) was able to explain that Léa had not had any form of harassment towards her, remains a good point .

Source : Pure People