Anne Sila: the singer again as a couple after the tragedy with her ex-companion

modified: 2022-12-25 19:39:02

For Anne Sila, love knocked on her door, and since then she seems to be living a fairy tale with her other half.

  Anne Sila: the singer again as a couple after the tragedy with her ex-companion

Anne Sila is a young woman whose musical talent is beyond doubt. After her participation in The Voice, the latter was able to give a few interviews. Especially with our colleagues from Closer . We could therefore find many confidences of the young woman in the magazine published last Thursday. But, in addition to indulging in her experience in the famous singing telecrochet, she addressed her private life. And obviously, at the love level, everything is going like clockwork . The young woman was able to confide in her life with her better half. We'll explaine everything here.

Anne Sila, The Voice changed her life

We were able to discover Anne Sila in the TF1 program The Voice . She even got to win The Voice All Stars. And since her victory, the young woman seems to chain professional projects. And with that, the interviews come too. So, after exactly a month since she released her album named Madeleines, the latter seems to be embracing fame and success. . Because, during her first participation in 2015, the young woman had not won. And that had taken a toll on his morale.

Most, this victory for Anne Sila last year allowed her to completely reinvent herself as an artist and in her way of doing things . What the lead quickly to success. So our colleagues from Closer were able to question the young woman. Both on his past in The Voice and in his private life. And justly, the one who had not yet broached the subject of her private life, has caught up well.

The pleasure of married life

And if some seem to see the fact of being in a relationship as a bridle, for Anne Sila this one remains only one more source of happiness. However, in terms of romantic relationships, Anne Sila comes a long way. The young woman had confided a traumatic moment in her life. Her ex-boyfriend had attempted to kill her. He had stabbed him. So, at 32, the young woman seemed to want to remain discreet about her private life. But, for the magazine last Thursday, the young woman has decided to finally indulge.

Anne Sila therefore explained to our colleagues that “ I savor the simple joys of married life. This daily life is far from my romantic ideal, but I find it magnificent ”. Since this traumatic moment, the young woman has managed to recover from her injuries. Although she will never be able to forget this moment, she continues to move forward to live happier. Because, this event had even put him in doubt about his desire to participate in the TF1 show.

A happier life

Thus, Anne Sila continues to move forward. She tells our colleagues that “ I no longer need pain to realize the value of these moments and my luck . I assume to be the comic on duty and I accept the pain when it comes back ”. And for her future, the young woman also has great plans. She confides that “ In 2023, I would like to go to New York, to try again, together, the American dream ”.

But if Anne Sila seems to have been able to move forward so much and recover from her past, it remains thanks to The Voice . There, she was able to regain her self-confidence. Also, she was able to confront the one who names himself as her “ best enemy ” aka herself. “ The rules of a telecrochet impose competition and a capacity for abstraction . Overcoming the fear of the other, of error, of failure, is ultimately fight my worst enemy, myself ”. A great lesson that the young woman was able to pass on.

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