Anne-Sophie Lapix: why such a controversy about her legs?

modified: 2023-01-07 13:19:02

Recently, the name of Anne-Sophie Lapix has been heard a lot, but obviously her legs too.

  Anne-Sophie Lapix: why such a controversy about her legs?

Lately, Anne-Sophie Lapix seems to be the subject of many topics of conversation. Between all the politicians who no longer want to receive interviews from him, or his place in the 8 p.m. television news. But this time, it seems to be on the journalist's legs instead. It turns out that many viewers have noticed that the legs of the latter appear on the screen. Something that with its predecessor did not happen. We'll explaine everything here.

Anne-Sophie Lapix, her place threatened?

Since the last presidential elections, it has been known that Anne-Sophie Lapix no longer seems to be the favorite to give interviews. Whether it remains Emmanuel Macron or even Marine Le Pen. Both refuse to let her ask questions. For Emmanuel Macron, his campaign team considers the latter far too pugnacious . It seems to put the candidates in difficulty. On the other hand, for Marine Le Pen, this is more of a thing of the past.

It is only found almost ten years ago. Anne-Sophie Lapix was able to give an interview to the then candidate Marine Le Pen. But obviously, the candidate has kept a terrible memory. Anne-Sophie Lapix asked many questions, about the economy and even about the campaign itself, which put the candidate in a delicate situation. But, she is not the only politician to have been put in beautiful sheets by the journalist . So, obviously, there is little chance that she will be able to give interviews again.

But, concerning her place on the 8 p.m. television news, the latter does not know what can happen. Indeed, changes seem planned on the set of the latter. But even the presenter doesn't seem to know which ones. She also states that “ The wheel spins . I don't know if I will be there next year. I love this exercise and find it exciting. And after that, it's not me who decides ”. But, according to the boss of France Television, the journalist remains a good element. She states “ I am very happy to have Anne-Sophie Lapix at 8 p.m. ' and even ' Anne-Sophie Lapix holds an 20 hours which has never been so high, we are very happy and I am very happy to have Anne-Sophie Lapix at 8 p.m. ”.

Displaced Plans

Thus, after taking a vacation for the holidays, Anne-Sophie Lapix was able to resume her post in her evening newspaper. And she doesn't seem to have any reason to regret leaving since her Joker was able to achieve very good audiences for the newspaper. If the journalist remains a good element for the channel and even breaks records against her competitor, then one. Some seem not to like her too much as a presenter. So we find comments like “ Yuck Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​back, what a pity!!!! His diary still sucks and his smile too!!! She should have stayed on vacation forever, we don't miss her , K arine is much more of a journalist than she is '. What a good way to start the year.

But, if this kind of reluctant person in the face of Anne-Sophie Lapix remains only a minority, she seduces many others. Except that this seductive side, some viewers notice it. Not that it comes from the journalist, but rather from the cameras, and filmed plans. It turns out that many people noticed that the journalist's legs were often zoomed in on. An act he had never seen on David Pujadas for example. We can read on Twitter “ The zooms on his legs were awkward and the “sit-stand” exhausting ' Again, ' Why we are shown her legs to Anne-Sophie Lapix. Never seen those of David Pujadas…”.

Changes scheduled for 8 p.m.

But, on December 11, Anne-Sophie Lapix was able to announce a change in her diary. In particular, she was able to give some clues. She announced in C Médiatique that “I know that in any case we are going to change the set. A less 'cathedral' decor because it also causes things when you have a big tray you tend to show that it is big . Wanting to make plans from above, and it's true that we get lost. I don't blame anyone but sometimes I make a launch, I look at my camera and I am filmed in profile . So I don't really see the point ”. But his position does not seem threatened.

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