Anthony Delon: he shares a nice moment of complicity on video with his father Alain Delon

modified: 2022-12-29 12:30:02

On Sunday December 25, Anthony Delon took to his Instagram account to reveal a video of him with his father.

  Anthony Delon: he shares a nice moment of complicity on video with his father Alain Delon

It's no secret. Alain Delon, behind the curtains, is a real father hen. Indeed, father of two children, he does not lack their prove his love for them on a daily basis. And it would seem, according to the video recently published on Anthony Delon's Instagram account, that they do not hesitate to give him back the deal. Father of Anthony and Anouchka, it would seem that Alain Delon is trying to divide his time between the two. Of a very complicit nature, they therefore spent Christmas together, as a family. On this occasion, Anthony Delon therefore made the decision to publish a touching video of him to his father. And this, to highlight a moment of complicity that they had together. We'll explaine everything here !

Anthony Delon: A moment of complicity with his father

The end-of-year celebrations are often synonymous with family time. Whether it's the perfect time to catch up with cousins ​​or just hang out with loved ones. You should know that Anthony Delon spent this weekend with his family. Among those present, we can then see his father, Alain Delon. Anthony Delon's subscribers had a good surprise. Indeed, the latter published a touching video with his father. And this, on Sunday, December 25 on his Instagram account. The 58-year-old actor wowed many fans with the video of his father, Alain Delon.

On the video, we then find the father and the son Delon in full discussion. In effect, Alain Delon , dressed in a coat and a scarf, and Anthony Delon seem to question each other with a lot of humor. ' When you look at me what do you see? asks the son. Very quickly, the 87-year-old actor simply replied: “ I see a Delon '. It would seem then that this answer does not correspond to what Anthony Delon wanted as an answer. As a result, he added: That's all ? '. Alain Delon, a little confused, therefore underlined with great pride : « That's a lot already! ».

A touching moment between Alain and Anthony Delon

This exchange between father and son Delon made them laugh a lot. Indeed, this video showed an undeniable complicity between Alain and Anthony Delon. Internet users immediately noted this point. In the caption of the video, the 58-year-old actor wrote: “ It always makes me happy to see you laugh. As for this implacable logic... it belongs to you, it's Delon, no doubt '. An Instagram post that has sparked a wave of loving comments .

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Personalities such as Alex Lutz or Gad Elmaleh have taken the time to comment on this touching video , posted on Anthony Delon's Instagram account. And this, leaving red hearts , or even cute little words. There are also messages such as ' So funny and moving from Nikos Aliagas. Or also ' It's fantastic ! And his answer is unique… » by Carla Bruni.

Anouchka Delon: a loving daughter

If you have been following Anthony Delon's Instagram account for some time, then you will know that this is not the first time that he has posted a publication related to his father, Alain Delon. Indeed, in September 2022, he shared a family memory with a touching snapshot. In addition, on his Instagram account, he shared a video of his parents, Alain and Nathalie Delon. This rare video had been captioned with a tender message. ' The last time the three of us were together, at least in this life... '. It should be noted that Anthony Delon is not the only child of Alain Delon to post it on his Instagram account. In effect, his daughter Anouchka regularly gives his news to Internet users.

Just like the time he suffered a stroke coupled with a cerebral hemorrhage in 2019 . Anouchka Delon then wishes to keep Internet users informed of her daily life but also the relationship she has with her loved ones. On the occasion of Christmas, the latter therefore published a photo of her and her father . Just like his brother, Anthony Delon, did. In this shot, which sparked a wave of love messages, we can then see him in the arms of Alain Delon in sunglasses. In legend, Anouchka Delon decided to opt for a simple but touching message all the same. « Partner in crime since 1990 ». Even though Alain Delon has decided to step away from the spotlight, it looks like his fans may still have of her news through her children and their Instagram accounts.

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