APL: income ceiling, amount, conditions to benefit from it

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The amount of the APL follows a complex method of calculation. Recently, this has changed. It is the CAF or the MSA who take care of it.

  APL: income ceiling, amount, conditions to benefit from it

Personalized housing assistance (APL) is allocated under conditions to the tenants or institutional residents. It consists in reducing the amount of their rent or their fee. Its method of calculation takes into account a large number of parameters. From there, the CAF and the MSA assigns your rights . However, the amount of the APL is calculated 4 times a year and the calculation is quite complex . This serves as a basis for the study of other social benefits such as the activity bonus or the RSA. Many people use online simulators to find out. But just estimate a few things . Find out in this article how to calculate the amount of this housing aid yourself.

The APL is calculated on the basis of the last 12 months of your income

Previously, the APL amount was calculated on the amount of resources N-2 . But that has changed. To better adapt the aid the current situation of the beneficiary , the CAF now considers resources in the last 12 months .

Your rights and the amount you will receive will depend on this calculation . The types of income examined for this have remained the same, namely: capital income, property income, activity income, etc. In case of joint tenancy, the amount of the APL will be assessed according to each roommate .

That said, the amount of your allowance is recalculated every three months . If your financial resources have not changed much during this update, you will receive the same amount. Your rights will also be reviewed in the event of a change of employment , of marriage,…

Unlike other aids, you do not need to declare your income all quarters. The CAF is in charge of recover your data from the tax authorities and social organizations. However, alimony and turnover of self-employed workers must be sent to the personal space. Communicate them this January, because CAF cannot obtain this information .

What is the amount ?

The amount of the APL depends on the geographical area where the beneficiary is located, the composition of his family and his income. The amount of the APL is capped and considers 3 areas in France. Zone 1 represents Île-de-France. On the other hand, Zone 2 is made up of Corsica and cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants . Zone 3 includes the other cities.

  • For a person located in Zone 1, she will receive 308.50 euros if she lives alone , 372.07 euros if she lives as a couple and 420.52 euros with a dependent.
  • For a person located in Zone 2, they will receive 268.87 euros if they live alone, 329.10 euros if they live as a couple and 370.32 euros with a dependent.
  • A person located in Zone 3 will receive 252 euros if they live alone, 305.48 euros if she lives as a couple and 342.52 euros with a dependent .
  • Any additional person gives the right to a bonus of 61.01 euros for Zone 1, 53.90 euros for Zone 2 and 49.09 euros for Zone 3.

How to calculate the APL?

This APL amount for each zone is capped . It can still vary according to a certain number of parameters. To calculate the APL, CAF studies:

  • The rent ceiling varies according to the area and the family situation.
  • The amount of your expenses.
  • A minimum personal contribution for each tenant, the minimum of which is 36.63 euros.

CAF uses the following formula: Rent + Charges – Personal Participation – 5 euros . Note that the 5 euros deducted in the calculation correspond to the reduction in APL for all beneficiaries.

That said, the amount of your rent must not exceed a certain limit . For a very high rent, the amount of the APL is decreasing. When it reaches a particular threshold, you will no longer be eligible for the allowance .

However, some criteria may alter the calculation of your benefit . The APL will not be the same if you are a tenant, owner or a student under 28.

In the first case, nothing very complicated . The calculation is given above.

In the second case, the nature of your borrowings is also reassessed . In fact, if you are an owner or will soon become one, please contact CAF beforehand to find out what your rights are. Especially since the new method of calculating the APL is not applicable to you.

In the latter case, your rights to the APL follow a special calculation method . The best way to find out your APL is to take an online simulator.

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