APL: what changes with the increase in the ceiling for CAF housing assistance

modified: 2023-01-06 16:16:02

Since January 1, several changes have taken place in the lives of citizens. Concerning the APL, the granting ceiling is revalued.

  APL: what changes with the increase in the ceiling for CAF housing assistance

APL or personalized housing assistance are aids to reduce the rent and the tax of certain households . This aid is paid either by CAF (family allowance fund) or by the MSA (agricultural social mutuality). For this year, the maximum resource ceiling for to claim this allowance is revalued .

That would mean that there is a change to the conditions for granting APLs . Is this new condition good or bad news for beneficiaries? To answer this question, addressing the conditions for granting APL and those who change for this year 2023 .

The conditions for granting APLs

There are several conditions that open right to APL . First, there are conditions attached to the applicant. The following qualities of people can apply for APL:

  • The landlords
  • Roommates
  • The sub-tenants
  • The owners
  • Residents in residential accommodation (Ehpad, student residences, etc.)

In addition to the conditions related to the applicant, there are also conditions related to housing . The housing concerned by the APL are the main residences located in France. The house in question must respect a certain condition of decency and occupation .

Finally, the allocation of APL means-tested . There is an income ceiling that must not be exceeded in order to qualify. It is the latter that has changed.

APL: what will change in 2023

In a nutshell, what has changed for APLs This year is the grant condition relating to resources . The minimum resource cap to obtain APLs has increased. Reported by the Actu information site, published on January 4, 2023, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, in charge of housing, indicated:

“This is a revaluation of the resource parameter R0 (level of resources below which the aid is maximum), in accordance with article D. 823-17 of the construction and housing code”.

Specifically, the income cap that opens the right to APL has increased . Thus, up to a certain threshold, you can claim these aids. The spokesperson for the National Family Allowance Fund (CNAF) contacted by actu.fr said:

“Up to this threshold, the beneficiaries concerned have the maximum right to the APL”

This ceiling to increase by how much?

The new income limit to condition the granting of APLs . The CNAF spokesperson provides an example concerning the increase. Relayed by Actu published January 4, 2023, the latter declared:

“Previously, for a single person without dependents, the income threshold R0 was set at 4,575 euros. Now it is 4,949 euros.

That would mean that the ceiling has increased by 374 euro s. Thus, if you previously received 4,775 euros per month of income, you cannot claim APL. On the other hand, currently with 4,775 euros, you can still benefit from it .

This illustration only concerns the case of a single person without children. It should be clarified that the threshold for recipients with dependents was also enhanced .

Is this increase good news?

The answer is yes. For French citizens, the increase in the eligibility threshold for APL is great news . The higher the minimum grant ceiling, the more people can claim these allowances . Always reported by Actu, the CNAF spokesperson specified :

“It is a game-changer for those who were above the old ceiling. In fact, they will go back below and will be able to collect APL when they could not claim it before”.

However, we must be careful, this good news does not change the price of APLs . The CNAF spokesperson clarifies:

“It is not because we increase this value that the APL, in themselves, increase! »

Thus, the number of beneficiaries, and not the amount of APL, will certainly start to increase from the end of this month of January .

Here is, among the changes made in 2023 , the number of APL beneficiaries will increase . Even if its amount has not increased, it should not be forgotten that in summer 2022, the amount of APL has been increased by 3.5% . All of this good news has a purpose. The Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire said:

“Protecting those who have the greatest difficulties”.

Source : Actu.fr

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