ASI: what you need to know about the 2023 supplementary disability allowance

modified: 2023-01-15 14:09:04

The ASI is a benefit paid to the disabled person under the solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA). What is its amount?

  UPS: what'il faut savoir sur l’allocation supplémentaire d’invalidité 2023

France is the country the most generous in terms of social benefits . Most of its services are complementary. Otherwise, the non-granting of one entitles others. This is the case of supplementary disability allowance (UPS). This last is a social service provider paid monthly to certain French citizens. What are the conditions required to be beneficiaries ? What is its amount? What is the protocole ? What has changed for this year 2023? If the answer to these questions interests you, do not leave us and come and discover them in the rest of this article .

ASI: Are you concerned?

To be a beneficiary of the ASI, several conditions must be met . Here they are ?

1. Conditions of disability

As the name of the allowance suggests, you have to be disabled to be a beneficiary of the ASI . According to the general rules, an invalid is anyone who has lost ⅔ of his physical or earning capacity. Therefore, if for one reason or another, you are no longer able to ensure your work 100% , it is necessary to check if you are not concerned by the UPS.

2. Age requirements

If you meet the first condition, there is no age requirement to be a UPS service provider . On the other hand, once you reach the age to obtain the Aspa (legal retirement age) you can no longer claim it .

3. Conditions d’habitation

Like most social assistance paid in France, you must be French and residing in France to have it . Indeed, to benefit from the ASI, it would be necessary that you have a main residence in the country whose capital is Paris . The following overseas territories are also concerned:

  • Guadeloupe,
  • Guyana,
  • Martinique,
  • Meeting,
  • Saint Barthelemy,
  • Saint-Martin.

foreigners too can claim it under certain conditions .

4. Means test

In general, it is the modest households that receive social benefits . To find out if a particular person is in a precarious situation, we refer to their income. Thus, to benefit from the ASI, there is a resource limit that must not be exceeded . Relayed by the Capital site published on January 12, 2023, here are the thresholds that must not be exceeded:

“For a single person: 846.98 euros per month, or 10,163.76 euros per year. For couples: 1482.21 euros per month, or 17,786.52 euros per year”.

It is not just professional income that is considered for this ceiling . The following income is taken into account:

  • retirement pensions,
  • invalidity pensions,
  • Allowance for disabled adults.

Conversely, the following resources are not taken into account :

  • The value of the principal residence,
  • farm buildings,
  • family benefits,
  • And RSA.

The ceiling is assessed in the 3 months preceding the request from the ASI .

The amount of the ASI currently in force

The amount of the ASI varies according to the family and financial situation of the insured. Here are the amounts that apply since the revaluation on July 1, 2022 .

For a single person:

  • 0 euros when the monthly income is greater than 846.98 euros.
  • The difference between 846.98 euros and the amount of the insured's monthly income when his income is less than 846.98 euros .

For a couple whose both spouses are beneficiaries of the ASI .

  • 0 euro when the couple's monthly income is greater than 1482.21 euros.
  • The difference between 1482.21 euros and the amount of income per month if these incomes are less than 1482.21 euros .

It should be specified that the amount of the ASI is revalued each year on April 1 . Thus, for this year 2023, there is still nothing that has changed regarding this allocation .

The steps to take to apply for an ASI

Unlike certain social allowances, the ASI is not paid automatically . That is to say, you have to make a request to have it. Approaches are different depending on the age of the applicant

  • For an applicant who has not reached the legal age (between 60 and 62 years old) , he must complete an ASI application form. He must then send this form to the health insurance fund.
  • For solicitors who are over 59 , it is to the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) that they must send their requests.

The ASI application form as well as the explanations that go with it are available on the CNAV website .

Here, whatever your age, if you are professionally disabled at more than ⅔ you can request the ASI . As of 2020, the successor reimbursement process no longer works.

Source : Capital