'Assaulted, raped': Kelly Vedovelli's heartbreaking cry that moves internet users!

modified: 2022-09-20 01:46:02

A soft-hearted person, Kelly Vedovelli captures the attention of her followers with moving stories that touch her deeply.

  Kelly Vedovelli

Since the dawn of time, many women have been victims of moral and physical aggression from their spouses. Some women who do not dare to comment on the subject prefer to remain silent. While others decide to talk about it openly. For columnist Kelly Vedovelli, she particularly recounts the case of Khadija D. on her Instagram account.

Kelly Vedovelli: Physical violence is intolerable!

Always in defense of the good cause and of humanity, Kelly Vedovelli highlights, this time the story of this young woman. Indeed, the latter has for years suffered the attacks physical and violence from her spouse. Violence that almost cost him his life.

Narrowly escaping death, she decides to sue her joint . A story that seems quite common and that affects many Internet users. To be able to move on, it is important to talk about it, ask for help, etc.

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Kelly Vedovelli, the columnist of the cult show, presented by Cyril Hanouna, Do not touch My TV wanted to share the whole story on his Instagram account. A story which upset her. Note that she took over the text on “Courrier de l’Atlas”.

Victims of violence and intimate attacks, come forward!

There is no reason that assaults on a woman by her spouse are not accepted by law. This is why it is always important to show up to bring complaint if you are a victim.

The law has a responsibility to protect its citizens, so don't hide in the shadows. Express your fears and expel your fears.

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In the case of the spouse of Khadija D., the woman you followed closely on Kelly Vedovelli's page, he was sentenced to eight years. Indeed, this kind of verdict is a big point of relief for the victim.

Even if it does not help to make up for lost time and trauma suffered by the victim, it remains a victory to help move forward in life.

Kelly Vedovelli supports victims of intimate violence and assault

And here is another subject that touches the columnist Kelly Vedovelli. Indeed, an article in 'Courrier de l'Atlas' caught his attention.

The latter tells the life of a woman who has been a victim for years at the violence and physical assaults by her spouse. However, she ends up getting justice in a trial.

Touched by history, Kelly Vedovelli redid the sharing of the article on his account. At the same time, she invites women victims of aggression to change the story of their lives. It is indeed possible to say stop in the face of this act of barbarism .

The law is on your side! It is intolerable that nowadays, women still allow themselves to be trampled on and remain silent in the face of domestic violence. The story shared by Kelly Vedovelli is proof of this!