'At 3 p.m., he's drunk': Cyril Hanouna swings on the attitude of a columnist, it's a shock!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:15:02

Cyril Hanouna recounts his special vacation week with Benjamin Castaldi. This columnist would have shocked the listeners.

  Cyril Hanouna

As usual, Cyril Hanouna have a good time with her columnists during summer vacation. But as soon as he returns to the C8 trays , it reveals details that may compromise the reputation of one of its employees. Is it just a joke as they know how to do it so well, or real facts? Focus.

Cyril Hanouna confides in his vacation!

The holidays , it is made to relax and enjoy the sun and the beach. But obviously, Cyril did not really appreciate his with Benjamin Castaldi . The latter would have a tendency to consume alcoholic beverages all day.

They were on a boat rented by Guillaume Genton and the columnist was rarely about . Cyril Hanouna remembers in detail the program of his columnist: 'Apart from 11 a.m., at 2:30 p.m. I still have an aperitif, at 3:15 p.m. before taking a nap, I still take a little something '.

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Still about his columnist, he continues: “5 p.m. when I get up from a nap too, at 6 p.m. too, it’s the end of the day, at 8 p.m. before eating, a little aperitif anyway! At 10:00 p.m., a little digestive after eating.

To finish, Cyril Hanouna speaks to Benjamin's wife to prepare a good glass for her and adds: 'Benjamin does not drink a drop of water'. A remark which caused the public outcry within the audience.

Benjamin Castaldi would have had rather inappropriate gestures

The consumption Abuse of any alcoholic beverage is dangerous for health. And the boss of TPMP says that Benjamin saw three Cyril Hanouna when they were together. This is to say how much he was in the feeling. Facts that even the other columnist Guillaume Genton has confirmed.

But that's not what impressed the listeners the most. What caused the indignation general, is that Benjamin Castaldi would have made rather inappropriate remarks towards Guillaume's wife.

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Nobody knows if what Cyril said was true or false, because Benjamin seems deny everything . Moreover, he claims that the facts happened when his back was turned. And to believe facial expression of Benjamin, even he can't believe what he's done.

Another detail about what happened was also explained by Cyril Hanouna. According to him: “He wanted to put cream on her whole body”. Anyone with a modicum of common sense would know what Benjamin Castaldi wanted to do that.

Cyril Hanouna: A real provocateur

Cyril Hanouna is not only renowned for his jokes, but also for his tendency to tell the truth as it is. And Benjamin Castaldi is currently paying the price.

His famous show TPMP was also subject to numerous polemics for years. All because of his explosive temper . But Cyril Hanouna continues to fight. Moreover, he has already sent many text messages to those who want his downfall.