Avengers: Jeremy Renner in serious condition following snowplow accident

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One of the main actors of the Avengers is found in a serious condition after an accident with a snow plow.

  Avengers: Jeremy Renner in serious condition following snowplow accident

With the cold passing in the United States, there may have been heavy snowfalls. And that, actor Jeremy Renner who plays one of the main roles in the Avengers could see it. It turns out that the latter had an accident while trying to remove the snow in front of his house. . But this accident seemed quite heavy considering that he seems to be in critical condition. We'll explaine everything here.

Avengers star Jeremy Renner's accident

Marvel fans and especially the Avengers seem very worried lately. Thus, it turns out that Jeremy Renner, who plays the role of Hawkeye had a pretty serious accident. The news seemed to spread pretty quickly. So, to calm his fans, the actor's representatives spoke about his state of health. It turns out that this Sunday, January 1, the actor simply wanted to clear the snow a little in front of his house.

Alas, the snowplow he may have used to do this put him in a bad state. Reps for the Avengers actor have reported that he is in “ a critical but stable condition ”. It must be said that when Jeremy Renner decided to leave his home, the weather conditions did not seem the best. And at only 51 years old, he seems seriously affected. In the statement on his condition, his representatives state that “ His family is with him and he is receiving excellent care ”. It must be said that the actor has many fans behind him. He multiplied the roles as in Marvel with the Avengers. We can see it in Thor in 2011, and of course in the Avengers the following year.

The mystery surrounding the accident

So, if the representatives of the Avengers actor want to reassure the public about his condition, they leave a blur. It turns out that they do not declare all the ins and outs of this event. In the press release, the place in which this may have occurred does not remain communicated. . Only clue, the actor has a property in the county of Washoe in Nevada. And precisely, there, there was heavy snowfall.

So, the guesses therefore remain that the actor's accident took place there. In any case, this information does not seem the most important in the eyes of the fans. They only hope that Jeremy Renner will soon be out of the woods so he can be found as the Avengers . It must be said that in recent years, he has made a name for himself.

We were able to find his role as Hawkeye of the Avengers in a series on Disney + . He was also an Oscar nominee for various appearances. We saw him rewarded for The Hurt Locker in 2008, The Town in 2010. But also for his appearance in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol in 2011 and that in 2015. Without forgetting American Hustle in 2013.

A good recovery

So all fans of the actor hope to find him soon in his costume and his role as the Avengers. There is no doubt that he is doing his best to get by, especially since he is receiving good care. . Also, the actor had never hidden his passion for his profession and should therefore with many good vibes from his relatives and his fans for his recovery.

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