Azucena: 'He is ultra-sensitive' his secrets about his relationship with Florent Pagny

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For several years, Florent Pagny, in remission from his lung cancer, has shared his life with Azucena Caamaño.

  Azucena: 'He is ultra-sensitive' his secrets about his relationship with Florent Pagny

Florent Pagny no longer to present . An emblematic figure of French song, he has sold 15 million albums throughout his career. On the private side, the one who made a name for himself in his early days for his rebellious style and his provocative lyrics, lives on a small cloud . In love, the interpreter of 'My freedom to think' is actually married to the lovely Azucena Caamaño since 2006. From their romance were born Inca and Aël. now adults, they make their parents proud . For information, the eldest has become an aviation pro, while his little sister is an outstanding photographer . “My kids are great. They flourish, “said their father in the columns of Télé 7 jours. Very united, it is together that the small family continues to fight for the full recovery of the singer .

A terrible announcement

It was in January 2022. In a video posted on his Instagram account, Florent Pagny lifted the hearts of his fans by announcing sad news. Indeed, the great friend of Pascal Obispo revealed to have lung cancer , unfortunately inoperable. Consequently, for 6 months, the father of the family was obliged to follow a heavy protocol of chemotherapy and x-rays .

Emphasizing that the most important thing in life is health, the singer also had to give up his commitments . Thus, the crab was right for its 60th anniversary tour that its fans were impatiently awaiting. However, failing to see their idol on stage, they were able to settle for his presence in “The Voice” .

Indeed, despite his illness, Florent Pagny nevertheless honored his role as coach . Moreover, Nour, his talent, came out winner of season 11 of the famous telecrochet of TF1. It should be noted that during live broadcasts (the other stages being recorded upstream), viewers witnessed the consequences of cancer on the singer .

The latter is actually appeared very thin and shaved head . He may have lost his hair, but not his sense of humor. The proof ? In response to Nikos' joke about his new haircut, the baritone said:

“These chemos make my hair fall out a bit, but that's okay, it doesn't prevent me from staying in shape and looking good. »

Florent Pagny sick: the reaction of his wife Azucena

Fortunately, in his misfortune, the former mentor of Slimane has always been able to count on the unwavering support of his other half . It goes without saying that for Azucena Caamaño, seeing her husband weakened by cancer was difficult. However, it is in “warrior mode” that the lovebirds have faced this rather special ordeal .

In the documentary 'Florent Pagny, A Free Man', broadcast on the front page on January 1, 2023, she came back to this in particular . As a reminder, it was after consulting his persistent cough that Florent Pagny, suffering from Covid-19, discovered his cancer . Azucena Caamaño raconte:

“There, he calls me, he was preparing his funeral. I tell him wait, stop, it can be anything, wait to know a little more, to take the necessary exams, calm down. »

Alas, The verdict is final .

'It's a nasty tumor. We will have to attack violent treatment, ”she added.

After having announced the sad news to those around him , it was time for the singer to educate his fans. And on that, he was well coached by his sweetheart and his children . Still according to Azucena's account:

“He was starting to tell his audience that he has cancer. He starts making his video with details almost giving the names of the labs. I said to him, 'Are you okay? You sum it up!’ and there the children also told him to post an Instagram message no more than a minute. He was raw, tough but sincere. »

Note that since then, the Taulier of 'The Voice' did not fail to give news of his health . Now in remission, Florent Pagny feels better and better.

A very sensitive person

Moreover, as Nikos Aliagas reminded us, the father of the family has already announced his tour .

'It's a sign that everything is fine,' said Michel Jankielewicz, the director of the documentary on the singer.

One thing is certain, his return to the stage, his fans are looking forward to it . As for Azucena, no doubt she will support him when the time comes. By the way, still in the famous documentary 'Florent Pagny, A Free Man', she made a tender declaration to him .

'After 30 years, it's obvious that I love everything about him. Even if he has small faults, but they are only small faults, maybe I have more than him then (…) He is a super sincere person, with a huge heart and faithful, honest , stubborn, but in a good way. He is ultra-sensitive, very philosophical (…) When he loves, he loves too much. »

As a reminder, the lovebirds first met in the 90s . It was at a dinner party hosted by mutual friends. At the time, Florent Pagny was coming out of his romance with Vanessa Paradis and his career was in decline. By the way, Azucena testifies that people said he was a finished singer .

In short, to come back to meet them, the pretty brunette tells that Florent Pagny wore very bizarre accessories .

“(…) an improbable dog, it was the first time I had seen an all-white bull terrier (…) and a sublime but tuned car. I said to myself ‘who can do such a thing?’ (…) When I introduced myself by shaking his hand, he pulled it from me. »

Nevertheless, despite all his clumsiness, Florent was able to conquer the heart of his beautiful . In love with each other, it is together that they flow happy days in Patagonia .

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